Linkin Park: Christmas Recollections. Part 2

12:05 AM Jen Brockwell 0 Comments

In the second of our two part series of Christmas stories, Chester Bennington, Linkin Park's singer, may has just one-upped his bassist Phoenix for the most disastrous Christmas morning.

Bennington recalls a holiday a few years ago where he and his mother thought it would be a good idea for the singer to bring over his dog. The only thing is that the two dogs didn't exactly get along, which precipitated a Christmas day attack.

"Christmas morning my dog is sitting in the hallway sleeping and this other dog just jumps on her and attacks her. We pull 'em apart and I stick my dog in the room for a minute and like an hour later I come in and she's still really scared and I'm like, 'OK it's been an hour, you'd think she'd forget. And I go in and I pet her and my hand is just covered in blood. Well, I couldn't see that there was any cut or anything, and I was like, 'OK, great. It's Christmas morning and there's blood on my dog. Where did she get bit? And I went and I'm looking and this gash about the length of my finger and about the depth of the canine tooth right across the back of her neck."