Chester's Grammy clothes by Jade Howe

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Howe, the first premium sportswear collection to spring out of Southern California, plans to rollout its new Fall 06 Collection and 'Hause of Howe' concept at the Project Trade Show Las Vegas this February 21-23.

For Fall 2006 Howe presents heavily stylized, tailored sportswear under the newly formed 'Hause of Howe' lifestyle umbrella and significantly expands its collection of bottoms (premium denim & non denim), knits, fleece, vests and 3-piece suits with a rock 'n' roll edge.

"The Hause of Howe is our irreverent, American rock 'n' roll tweaking of the European couture fashion house concept," says designer and president Jade Howe. "Fittingly, the Fall 2006 collection we are now launching is the best execution of our vision to date," adds Howe. Officially, the brand is renaming its parent company, 'The Hause of Howe.'

At this year's 2006 Grammy Awards, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park wore a complete outfit from Howe's Fall 2006 Collection during his Grammy performance with Paul McCartney and Jay-Z.

Designer Jade Howe feels that this is a testament to the brand's loyal following of artists, musicians, creative entrepreneurs, and the new type of business-meets-street professional he refers to as 'indie executives.' It is also a culmination of sorts of his founding vision. "Four years ago we started a unique look with the goal of changing the way men dress -- and now it's finally exploding for the brand on a cultural and retail level," says Howe.

This all comes on the heels of Howe's 2005 Stuff Magazine Style Award, which he received late last year (along with Kanye West, Giorgio Armani, Kings of Leon, & John Varvatos) in recognition of the cultural impact of the 'Howe' look and lifestyle.

"We articulate an authentic point of view that our customer relates to -- they respond to the fact that we are developing a lasting look, not just a trend, " adds Howe. As evidence of his point, this year alone Howe has significantly expanded its presence in both better department stores and specialty stores such as Fred Segal, 42 Saint, Kitson, Let's Go, and E Street Denim.

"It's great because our tailoring is bespoke and British -- but what makes it American is our rock 'n' roll heritage."

View the upcoming collection by appointment only at Project Trade Show, Las Vegas, February 21-23, 2006 or via