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Sean Dowdell founded Club Tattoo in 1995, with friend Chester Bennington of Linkin Park's help. Back then Chester helped Sean construct the original location. The friendship dates back to when the duo played in a band called Grey Daze, which was a pre-cursor to Chester's current position with Linkin Park. Club Tattoo is now in full partnership with Sean and Thora Dowdell and Chester Bennington.

Club Tattoo has become world renowned for its artistry and professionalism. Club Tattoo has very talented tattoo artists, body piercers, and support staff. We have the largest collection of body jewelry in the Southwest United States and continue to add to it daily. In addition, we have a full clothing store dedicated to the "tattooed soul".

Club Tattoo has been voted Best Tattoo and Body Piercing studio for 4 years (1999-2003) by the Arizona Republic & Gazette, The Rep, and Get Out Magazine. Our artists have won over 80 international awards and have been featured in 18 world wide distributed publications.

Club Tattoo is setting the standard in the tattoo and piercing industry. We are second to none in sterility, cleanliness, and professionalism. Club Tattoo exceeds all of the OSHA standards and is currently pushing for stricter health standards in the state of Arizona.

Club Tattoo has recently teamed up with eTNIES and released custom tattoo design shoes.

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