Mike about Chester in "Crank"

12:36 AM Jen Brockwell 6 Comments

i just went to a screening of the movie (CRANK) with chester and some of the guys...just so you're prepared, his scene is about a minute long, and he says a couple lines. i thought he looked GREAT in the film--really natural and he pulled the character off well. we're so proud of him.

BTW, the movie is fantastic. it stars jason statham (lock stock and two smoking barrels, snatch, the transporter, italian job) and amy smart (outside providence, butterfly effect, starsky & hutch). it's like a movie version of grand theft auto: non stop action and law breaking. it's got a great sense of humor, too. i recommend it...



  1. Agathe3:38 PM

    Hi I am french and I love linkin park so much:p!!!!!!!Chester is a great singer and he's soooo HOT!!!!

    Your blog is great too...Bye a++++

  2. mike is proud of chester....... hahahaha

  3. hey guys I love LP jus wanted to say good luck with the film hope its awesome jus like u said Mike =). LOVE YA MIKE xoxoxox

  4. Hello!Chester!Your whole performances were so excellent!By the way,can you write song in Italian?Ha....I like your action.You know,i am a broken-hearted person,and your song:
    A Place For My Head,Given Up,Faint were good for me.Thank you for the song.Ha...Ha...Ha...!

  5. Hi chaz . Hope you see this comment dude . Try to change your look as it was before . And pls don't betray linkin park k thank you

  6. Anonymous6:44 PM

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