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Jamie Steinberg interviewed Chester about Projekt Revolution for her online magazine:

I, personally, think that My Chemical Romance's newest record is amazing and I've been a fan of their previous albums, too. It was a no brainer! I mean it really was like who do we want to tour with that we haven't toured with before that just simply kicks ass? We were all really excited about the opportunity to tour with them. Taking Back Sunday is another group that they put out consistently good records and they tour hard and they seem to have a connection with their fans and those are all things that we take very seriously and I think with all the bands, they make great records, too. It's like every band on the bill is known for touring, known for putting on good shows and known for drawing good crowds. You know, Placebo are legends in my opinion and it's like if that was Projekt Revolution on its own I'd be stoked if I was a fan. If you take Linkin Park off the bill, it is going to be the biggest tour tour of the summer. You can mix up the main stage any way you want and it's awesome, it doesn't matter.

Please read the rest of the interview HERE and then you can download a PodCast with LP, My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday HERE.

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  1. Realized my dream when I met you at the show of SWU in Brazil. Please do not wait to go back to our country. Love your work and talent.