Young Buck on "Slow Ya Roll

3:44 PM Jen Brockwell 1 Comments A lot of people want your next single to be “Slow Ya Roll.” What made you write that record?

Young Buck: You know what? The [album is] real life. All those things that I’m saying on that record is actually true, as far as my auntie just finding out she got AIDS; she's locked up, she dying in the pen. S**t like that, I’m speaking the truth. When I say, "They found my nephew, there was no flesh, it was just bone," that s**t is real. So just going through day to day life-real life experiences is what created the record. And just knowing that a lot of times motherf**kers move so fast, that be the cause of they death. So it’s always cool to slow ya roll sometimes. And I worked with Chester Bennington, from Linkin Park, in a sense because, I done noticed that there’s a lot of people from outside of my environment that I come from, which is the ghetto-the hood, that’s in touch with Young Buck, you know what I mean. I like to cater to those that cater to me. Linkin Park’s [audience] is big; it surprised me he was even up to do the record, but he did it. It came out a hit. I actually wanted that to be this single. Straight up and down, I wanted it to be my second single. I fought and I’m still fighting, you know what I’m saying. Hopefully we’ll be able to wrap my record up with that being my third single…everybody's pushing for it, I’m pushing for it. I think it’s a problem clearing the record with they label, but I think the people really, really want to see that record brought to life.

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