Projekt's bands rocking harder

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Some excerpts from an Interview with Rocky Mountain News:

Q: There has been a return of ambition in music, from this tour to albums like The Black Parade. A few years ago people were afraid of being called pretentious. Why the change?

Bennington: "Honestly, I think there are a lot of bands that are really good right now . . . I think people are kind of in the mood to just experiment and play around and try to reinvent themselves every time they come out."

Way: "Our growth spurts have been so dramatic with each record because we couldn't wait to get to a record like this . . . We felt that we had to make up for a lot of lost time of making ambitious records. Like Chester said, it is a really exciting time in music for that reason. I think a lot of people are now really wanting to make very ambitious records."

Q: What kind of production are each of you bringing out?

Rubano: "(Taking Back Sunday) has actually been touring for a large part of the last year and a half or so . . . and I think our show is probably going to be, in terms of production, probably more on the simple side and focusing more on our performance. It's kind of something that TBS has always really prided itself on and something that we've sort of always relied on. It's like bringing our own sort of explosive show to the stage. . . . we're going to be going out with My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park, who have certainly established themselves with a nuclear level of production. It's something that we're going to try and balance out by simply performing as hard as we can."

Way: "It won't be anything like we had on the Black Parade tour, but at the same time I think we became very addicted to pyro so I think we're bringing out a lot of pyro. . . . it would be nice to get back to playing, some more aggressive sets and an hour is a perfect amount of time to do that in."

Bennington: "We're really focusing on allowing all the other bands to really put on whatever show they want to put on. There are no restrictions on any of the groups, and we're just focusing on going out and doing what we do."

Q: Chester, I wanted to ask you what it was about My Chem and Taking Back Sunday that got them on your list for the tour?

Bennington: "I personally think that My Chemical Romance, I think that their newest record is amazing and I've been a fan of their previous albums, too and it was a no-brainer. I mean it really was like 'Who do we want to tour with that we haven't toured with before that just simply kicks (butt)?' . . . Taking Back Sunday - they put out consistently good records and they tour hard and they seem to have a connection with their fans, and those are all things that we take very seriously. If you take Linkin Park off this bill, it's still going to be the biggest tour of the summer. You can mix up the main stage any way you want and it's awesome, it doesn't matter."

Q: Will Projekt Revolution tour become a yearly tour even if Linkin Park is not scheduled to perform on it?

Bennington: "I would like to see Projekt Revolution become its own thing, but as much control freaks as we are, I really don't know. I mean it's difficult to think that other bands will have the philosophy that we have. I think that there are groups out there that are open and willing to let the other bands just go for it and not limit production and keep the ticket prices down, not make as much money. It's a difficult tour to put together in a lot of senses because of those reasons and I think that maybe one day it can be something where we can step aside and let it become its own thing."

Q: In regard to My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park, can you just talk a little bit about your history together?

Toro: "I think we met personally in passing. We've never toured together, never done any shows, but from afar I've always respected not only the music, but just the work ethic and how much effort each of those guys puts into every aspect of the band, and that's really inspiring and encouraging that people care so much about their art. . . . A lot of bands out there kind of feel like it's really the label behind every decision and the band has no say in their career and I think those bands disappear quickly. There is a reason why Linkin Park has been around and continues to do well and sell tons of records because they put a lot of care and love into their music and every aspect of the band."

Bennington: "It's really cool for a band like us to be able to look at other bands and say: 'These guys are really doing it right. They pay attention to every little detail. They pay attention to the quality. They pay attention to their fans. They pay attention to the art. They pay attention to all of the details that it takes to get your message across. And they actually get it across.' I've been a fan of My Chemical Romance for a long time. I've seen them live a few times and they always impressed me and I couldn't wait to have a chance to take them on the road with us."