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Hey what's up it's Chester, just thought I'd fill everyone in on
what's going on in my world. I'm sitting in London and we've got 4
shows left. The tour has been good so far and it's been fun to have
Tyler out here with us. He is now saying things like "I'm rocking out"
and "I want Starbucks" frickin' hilarious. London's pretty dope and
we've been staying here and traveling back and forth from show to
show. It's cool cause we've caught some shows like Wicked and Les
Mis'. I'm not sure what T and I will be doing for the rest of our time
here, but I'm sure we'll figure something out. We are starting to
shoot our new video for Given Up and I think it's going to turn out
really good. The band has decided to go with a live video and I think
it's perfect for the song. We always do really big expensive videos
and it's nice to take a break from that. Anyway, it's like 3 A.M. and
I'm tired so BYE. I'll be checking in every now and then so keep your
eyes open..............C


  1. Hello guy, thanks for keep us in information about the new single. a lot of people thought it'll be "Valentine's Day", but I not, I always known it'd be Given Up.
    Sorry for my English sucks, I'm from Brazil and i'm waiting the LP show for 4 years. i hope this year I could see you live here in Sao Paulo.

    Thanks a lot, love you Chazzz!

  2. hey thanks for giving some info..appreciate it a lot! by the way, your concert on January 21st in Cologne, Germany, was the first concert i've been to and you seriously rocked it out!! i really hope to see you guys more often..thanks for a great show :)

  3. Hey Chester, Thanks for unraveling the confusion about the new single. There have been rumours spreading around about "Valentines Day" being the next single.

    Rock the shit out in London..


  4. amazing

    thanx for the info chaz

    best brazilian lp fansite

  5. Cheeeeeeester, Given up live video? Why? :(

    Oooooh my fucking god! GIVEN UP! NEW SINGLE \o/

    Chaz, come to Brazil, pls *-*

    Love u guy *-*

    Tyler is so pretty ^_^

  6. Oh my God!Given up?This is my favourite song from M2M!I think you're better live in concert.But unfortunately I 've not experienced it.Pls come to Hungary!!!

    Love you Chaz!


    ..............T :)

  7. Chaz, thanks a lot for the info!

    Given Up New Single!! You Rock, man!

    I've been waiting for this single since the first one, What I've Done. Thanks very much!

    I'm waiting for a live show here in Brazil, ok?

    Keep rocking out!

    Thanks again

  8. Hey Chester.
    Can't wait to see the video for Given Up.
    I saw the picture of you, Mike and Tyler. It was the cutest thing ever.
    Hope you and Talinda have a great time in London.
    Take care.
    Mickey (the freak from the MnG in Köln, with the damn bottle openers)

  9. Hey! Thanks for giving us the information about your new single :)!
    Please, come to spain! We're waiting for one of your concerts!
    Thanks a lot! Tyler is so nice ^^

  10. heya chester hope u and rest of band are enjoying touring the uk. i am seeing you at manchester on 27th its my first concert i have waited years to see you live i cant wait!!! i have been a fan of yours since '99 and ya still keep rocking i love you guys xxxxxx
    luv natalie

  11. Hey Chester! Greetings from Moscow! I'm happy that you've written the wonderful post for us. We've got a video and many pics of you and Tyler on stage. You're a real cutie pair. Your son's so calm, he seems to feel like a fish in the ocean on stage. Now you've got a big responsibility to raise a new rock star for the next generation ;))
    Given Up single is cool news! I've got a videocut of your 18-second scream on my myspace, that's how I love it :D
    Have a nice time in Great Britain!So long, take care xxx
    P.S. Don't worry, Russia won't close its eyes coz the sun never sets above our country =))

  12. Chesteeeeeer!!!!!!
    PD_ Your son Tyler is sooo sute *.*

  13. Hey Chester...Thanks for the info!!
    Given Up is a great song, i love it! i never knew you had a blog, but now that i know is in my favorites...
    Keep rockin' dude!! and please come to Portugal soon!!
    Linkin Park Rocks!!!:)

  14. OMG The new single is Given Up! *-*
    Thanks for the information Cheeester!

    ((Hey Chaz [and all LP members :P] come to Brazil!))
    M waiting!! *-*
    Linkin Park Live in Sao Paulo [Belo Horizonte??]! << hehe :D

    If you come to Brazil this year bring Tyler and Draven too!! *-*
    They're soo cute!

    Bye! :)

  15. Hey Chester, Given up is a great choice... I love this single.
    Please, come here to São Paulo in Brasil for one more show... We miss you here.
    So, we are waiting you here.
    Sorry for my inglish.
    Kisses... I love LP!

  16. hey chester! hru man? thanks for the new single.. given up rocks!!

    man Come to Mexicooo!!! plx!!!
    man Come to Mexicooo!!! plx!!!
    man Come to Mexicooo!!! plx!!!
    man Come to Mexicooo!!! plx!!!
    man Come to Mexicooo!!! plx!!!
    man Come to Mexicooo!!! plx!!!
    man Come to Mexicooo!!! plx!!!
    man Come to Mexicooo!!! plx!!!
    man Come to Mexicooo!!! plx!!!

  17. A "Given Up" live video? So great! (though I think you already have some competition in YouTube, LOL) I love that song, is so R&R.

    Your child is saying stuff like that already? Smart. I loved that phase when my kids said the cutest things, repeating everything adults said...though sometimes it did get me into trouble. =)

    Have fun with the family and the guys in London. I wish you guys would come to Puerto Rico.

    Take care!


  18. Hi Chazz. I'm so proud of you. So, I'm an artist, from hungary. I write storyes, verses, I like drowing, and taking photos. But my bigest love, is the musik:) I have a band, and I am the singer. Some songs, I play on the guitar. I need to tell you, you, Mike, Brad and the other boys, you are the best band of the world:).


  19. Hi ChaZzzzz!, tha'ts so great that you opened your official site for fans and we can know what's going on with you;D! I can't wait to see Given up live video, that's one of the best songs of Lp ever!
    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PERFORMANCE - CHORZOW, 6.13.07! That's was unforgettable experience for me, I was really exhilarated 8)I wanna live it again...
    I heard that you are going to visit Latvia in June,COME TO POLAND again! We're waiting for us!
    'Pozdro'(like we say in Poland;) for your rockin' out kid;d and wife (happy woman;, have a great time!

    thx so much! %]

  20. Hi ChaZzzz, tha'ts so great that you opened your official site for fans and we can know what's going on with you;D! I can't wait to see Given up live video, that's one of the best songs of Lp ever!
    THANKS so much for the performance in Poland - Chorzow, 6.13.07! That's was unforgettable experience for me, I was really exhilarated 8)I wanna live it again...
    I heard that you are going to visit Latvia in June,COME TO POLAND again! We're waiting for us!
    Greetings four your rockin' out kid;d and wife (happy woman;)! ;D

  21. heya lp i want to join lpu but dont know how much it will cost me every month in british pounds could you tell me plz
    thanx luv u guyz natalie

  22. Hey C.!
    I was in London in October, I saw "Chicago" (not really good...)and "Wicked". I'm a dancer :-) (Musical).
    New album is very cool baby... GO ON!!!!

    Sorry for my english..

  23. oh god, that was way too cute! Tyler must be such a cute boy, i'm now picturing this little dude saying 'im rocking out' and i cant help but smiling. you have such lovely kids chester x)

    i hope you, the guys and your family are having a great time there!

    i'm waiting you guys here in brazil, i'm dying for you to come back this year. it's been almost four years, i fucking miss you =/

    take care,
    - stephanie

  24. It's Leave Out All The Rest ever going to be a single? haha, please, I want it to be a single... hehe

    Anyway, have a great time in London with Tyler. I saw a picture of him on a concert some days ago and seriously, he can't be any cuter.... it's adorable! :)

    PS: A live video sounds awesome.
    PS2: I can't wait for a new DVD
    PS3: There's no PS3, I just wanted to sound interesting HA!.

    Have a great weekend, luv!

  25. btw do you know yet if you'll be coming back to cologne, germany and if yes do you know when? :)

  26. Hi chester...it's ludovica...i m italian so sorry for my bad english!
    ...I think given up is a beatiful song...a live video it s cool!!!...it could be great see LP in italy...I've never been in a your concert...when will u come in Italy again???... :D!
    i hope your tour will be great!
    Tyler'd will be a great rockstar like his father...right???

    Love youuu so much!!!!!!

  27. hiiii chester
    thank you very much choosing this song as new single is my favorite again disc already I want to see to shout you in 18 seconds I am charmed with this part
    Also I want to see if you sides so I adjoin like in others :)

    A question during the year they think Latin person comes to america

  28. Hey Chaz read my post!! *-*
    Read my name >> Mayara!
    M kidding!

    I'm here again to say that I'm happy that the new single is Given Up!

    It's better than Valentine's Day! [I read somewhere that it would be the new single!]

    Valentine's Day is weird because it talks abt Valentine's day... O.o
    But its a great song! :D


    I LOVE LP!

  29. Great chester ... you are the best!
    I am a big fan your Italian federico ... my name is ...
    On windows live messenger ... I have a whole spaces dedicated to you!
    I hope that your tour of London goes well ... and I am sure of this!
    Here in italy We are many! You have many fans!
    Continue so ...;)
    4EVER LP!

    PS: excuse if there are some inaccuracies ... "if there is" ... to help me use a translator XD .. BYE!

  30. hey chester,
    it's aleya from bangladesh
    and i just wanted to stop by and say i kinda grew up listening to your songs...i can't wait to see you guys perform at the staples center in LA, come march. i'm very excited about it - my very first concert and i'm really glad - that i'm getting to see you play!!

    hopefully 'given up' will be ready by then! say heyy to your family!
    tyler is super cute!have a shot of starbucks from moi, lol. have fun in london! later,

  31. Chaz, many requests for a show here in Brazil, right?!

    We're waiting you!
    Good wishes, love!

    I wanna know Tyler too! lol

  32. Hi Chez !
    It's great the little Tyler ... it's like the dad ?
    Ah Ah ... I imagine him sing .. One step closer to the edge and i'm about to break ! ... ah ah
    We love you Chez for the love that you put in the songs ... you give us the reason to go straight in our life ...
    We love you
    Lp in the hearth ...

  33. Cool news! I love Given Up!! Hope see u soon (why not, in Italy???)

    Tnks 4 your music... really love your voice... sound so good ;D


  34. Hi,Chester I am from Chester Brazil, I would like to say that I am very Fãn the band, admire the work of all members, I am very happy with the new album minutes to midnight you did a great job, the CD is perfect! I love you, your voice is my idol you the best singer in the world in my opinion, much admire his style his personality in order ... Admire all of you. I was very happy to learn that the blogger Chester Bennington online, and now official, I was also very happy to see its first post =) forced me to make you happy, and all his fãns with their song, a kiss for you and for all of its famíly.Me sorry for my English horrible, I know most speak English well.

  35. "I want Starbucks" lol
    don't give to much caffeine to that little kid or he will turn into a coffe addict xD
    great, Given up as the next single... i wonder how the video is going to be :P

  36. hi chester,
    i took my 11yr old son 2 see u guys in manchester last nite, it was his first ever concert. we travelled from scotland in the morning (5 hrs on a bus!) and then travelled back up that nite so it was a very long day for us. i just wntd to thank u guys for making it such an amazing experience and so worth while, uz were amazing!!!!!iv bn a fan for years so he has bn listening 2 ur music since he was a nipper but lst nite has totally hooked him, he cnt stop talking bout it!!!wht made it evn btr was that we got 2 see u guys for the first time together so thanx for creating not only a fantastic concert but also a very special family moment.
    loads of luv!

  37. wicked was such an awesome musical, i so want to see it again i loved it that much! lol

  38. Hey Chester you are an awesome artist and I just love all that you and Linkin Park do...I saw you guys back in August in Virginia and you guys rocked...keep rocking it...love ya Chaz :)

  39. hey ches, look, i'm a brazilian fan and i want to know when do you come to brazil again, huh?

    i think the live shoot is very good, i'm a big fan!

  40. hey there.

    given up.. a rather predictable single. it doesnt really need promoting though.. i mean every one i know thats heard what ive done, has heard given up.. so its no suprise..

    i think valentines day would of dont better..

    you guys finally played it live too, it was amazing, my favorite song on m2m.

    thanks. cant wait for DBS, you guys are what got me started on what i want to do the rest of my life (run a studio)


    dave mathis.

  41. hey man i hope you're doin' good out there, wherever you are =). thanx a lot for keeping us informed in everything you are working out. the new single it´s gonna awsome, i love Given Up. and by the way, is it true you guys are coming to latinoamerica? there have been rumors that you're gonna come to Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, etc.
    love ya!

  42. I think I've officially found my new favorite website. Thanks for the information on the next single! I heard it was going to be Valentine's Day, and I was really hoping for Given Up or Leave Out All The Rest. Thank you so much, Chester!

  43. Chester-thank you for todays show-it was the best ever :))))) i was in the first line and had sooo freaky good time:) look forward for tomorrow:)))
    good night and kisses (4 you and your son:))

  44. Woooooooooo!!!!

    You guys were awesome in Manchester.
    There wasnt much of a pit but you performed very well.

    I love you guys!!

  45. hi chester, well im a mexican super fan, sorry if the grammar is incorrect, i hope you are not one of those "gringos" that hate us... well here in mexico we (your not-freeking-fans) still waiting for just one show of yours in mexico city. i know you're busy, and tired, but if you PLEASE could make a little space for us, it would be great!! and well, i hopoe you to answer me, if you want to my e-mail: avrillavigne_kla@hotmail.com or if you prefer, you could take a look at my hi5, you can find it with the e-mail adress... of course, if you have time and if you are not so tired... ok, best wishes, keep rocking!!! thania.

  46. Hey Chazy Chaz,thanks for the update im looking foward to your new LP video,Given Up,its like one of my favorite songs on the album anyway im sure the video will be awesome just like your other videos. I am really looking foward to seeing you and the rest of LP at your LA concert. Hope to hear from you soon. Best of luck on your tour.

    -from your biggest fan nessacilla LUV YAH! BYE ^_^

  47. Chester...

    I was watching the tour when you broke your arm. Did that heal well? I admire you so much for not letting down the audience and playing on. A true musician through and through.

  48. I can't wait to see the video for Given Up! It's an amazing song. Hopefully I get to see you guys in concert sometime. Love youu!

  49. OMG, this is amazing! thanks for taking the time to write about what you guys are doing.

    Given Up, i can't wait to see the video! that's awesome.

    Hey Chaz, any idea if you guys are coming to Argentina this year?

    take care.


  51. thanxs for the info!

    London is a great city, I hope you all enjoy it and good luck w/ the shows....

  52. Hey you guys rocked in Manchester. I can't wait til the new single comes out especcially cos the vid will show the gig. This was the first gig I've been to and I wana thank you for making it so memorable.
    Keep it up xxx

  53. I'm so psyched about your new website. I love it! I'm also very psyched about the next video being for "Given Up". That is my fav song on Minutes To Midnight. Can't wait!

    Waiting VERY patiently for the show in Baltimore on Feb 19th. I CANNOT WAIT as I have pit tix!!! Now if I could just be lucky enough to get a meet and greet that would be unfreakinbelievable!!!

    Love ya!


  54. Hey Chester is awesome that you have your own site now the blogs and all will help us your fans to keep up with what your doing even though most of us find a way to get to it lol but its awesome much love and support to you and the guys love all your work and music keep it up

    much love Zelda

  55. hey Chester
    I come from hong kong
    and I watched your show on 20/11/2007 in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Arena
    it's the second time for me to watch you guys's show
    last time was on the 18/6/2004

    it's a quite pity that you didn't sing " leave out all the rest" in the show :( I love that song so much!

    i am looking forward to seeing your show again !=]

  56. Chester...you ROCK!!! SEE you IN OKC Feb 29th! PEACE!!

  57. Hi Chaz!!! I'm Buny and I'm really addicted to you .
    Happy to see your post on blog. Given Up will be the greatest single of M2M.But I don't think that a live video will be suitable. It's too boring, really.
    Anyway, love you Chaz !!!
    Hope that you'll be always healthy and happy !!! :)

  58. you guys should come back to Jersey for another concert, or a few. You guys soOo rocked out at bamboozle last year and at projekt revolution. I'd love to see you guys in concert again. Bamboozle was my first concert ever and I only went because Linkin Park was going to be there. You guys totally rock! Been with ya from the start, my biggest hope is that I'd someday be able to meet you guys. I'm gettin a tat of the design you had on the drums at bamboozle, it's toOotally kickin! Hope to see you guys again soon!

    ~Your fav. Jersey chik

  59. HOLYSHITI'MJEALOUS at Wicked and Les Mis'. LikeWOAH at you posting a blog. For some reason that kinds threw me off. But it's pretty spiffy. Post often and I'll love you. ...More than I already do.

  60. I cant wait for you guys to come to St. Paul on Feb. 13. I have been waiting for 4 years to see you. I even wrote you guys to your fan club to come to Fargo, North Dakota but of course you didnt!!!

  61. Hey Chester, you told us all at the M.E.N Arena on Sunday that you was shooting the vid for Given Up, I hope you include us. I would like to thanks you and the band for giving me/us an awesome performance, i'll be looking forward to seeing you live again in the future, LP ROCKS.

    I'd also like to thank Biffy Clyro for doing such a good supporting act aswell, keep it up guys.

    I actually thought Julien K where gunna be there, ahh well, you guys made up for it!

    Linkin Park RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Peace Out, Daniel Maconie (Maconie90)


  62. Also, I Love Given Up, This Single Is Gunna Rock!! Love You Guys!!

  63. awww, so cool to hear from u ^^
    i've seen pic of u and tyler from frankfurt (i haven't been there, but in hannover. u were awesome) - really cute. both of u make me kinda start to like kids XD

    have fun on the rest of the tour and lots of greets to the rest of the band, too!

    Umi :)

  64. whoa! Given Up!!! can't wait!!! hehe. LP rocks.. and always will. love you ches!

  65. Hi Chaz!!! thanx so much for this beautiful surprise of ur official site!!! i'm so happy to see your words and your thinks, 'cause you're one of my emotions, u know, that kind wich make you feel alive!!!So, thanx to u and the guys for everything!!!and i hope to see u live one day!!!
    A big Bacio =)!!!

  66. Hi Chester, happy to see you've got your personal website, keep going your music and your art, you rock !
    xoxo from France :)
    Mademoiselle Yum

  67. omg! given up!! yah super rock song!!! yeah yeahhh!!

  68. Hey thanks for the info ^_^ I'm posting all the way from India... when are you guys planning on touring here??

    Believe me, you guys have a LOT of fans on this side of the world :P

    Rokk on, Chazzy : )

  69. Hey Chester, nice to hear everything is nice with you. And may I just say thank you SO much for coming to Adelaide on your tour, and people reckon your a real hero for your performance in Melbourne with your arm and all.
    Hehe, I cant help but agree with them.
    Well We'll be waiting years and years until you return but we'll wait patiently...as long as we have Tv anyway.


    We'll I'm off to continue waiting and perhaps feed the dog.

    Until next time.

    -Lisa M

  70. Hey, Chester!!! Thnx for posting some info about your tour!
    Tyler is sooo cute))) i guess he is already a rock star)))))

    Russia loves u sooo much!!! Please come back this summer!!!

    I think u'll make an awesome video on given up, coz ur shows are amazing!!!

    Love u!!!

  71. Yay! Chester has a blog! Awesome! :D

  72. i love Given Up! cant wait to see the video.
    saw some pics of you and your son on stage. it s so cool!
    omg i love LP!!

  73. bonjour,

    j'ai adoré le concert de mai 2007, tellement qu'il m'a paru trop court je crois que j'aurais pu rester là encore des heures a ecouter, je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais chester tu a une voix qui m'ensorcele. sachant qu'a la base se n'est pas du tous mon genre de musique, mais pour vous je me converti sans aucun problèmes. vivement le prochain concert en france. je me permet de vous embrasser et de vous souhaiter , ainsi qu'a nous dailleurs, que votre inspiration soit durable.

  74. Hey, Chaz! Can't wait to check out your new video...I was a 100% sure you'll make a video of Given up!Please come to Bulgaria someday soon!I'd LOVE to see you live!You ROCK!Love you!Bye

  75. hey chester saw you in manchester you and the rest of the guys were fucking amazing i nlove you guys soooooo much your amazing answer my one question for me when are you coming back to manchester i would love to meet you guys. do you have a CD signing or anything in manchester plz tell me. anyway sorry for babbling :P you guys are my favourite band ur even better that MCR =] but i bet you already know that haha anyway plz plz plz reply to my message on myspace thank-you

    love from your number one fan michaela ward xxxx

  76. Hi Chester,
    this site is really cool!
    I'm glad "Given up" is the new single, but "No More Sorrow" is my fav from MTM :P
    You brought Tyler on stage, that was soooooo cuuuuuuuute!!!!!!! ^^

    Please, come back to Poland... we're waiting here for you... you're so often in Germany and Poland is not so far away from Germany, pleaseeeeee... :))

    Take care man!

  77. hi!! I'm really happy for ur new single :D ..its a great song and that 17 sec scream :D :D ...ohh well ...ur simply great..

    love ya!

  78. Thanks for being sincere and for sharing your thoughts with us.
    Well I hope you come to Lima-Peru someday, my best wishes for you and for the band.

  79. hi chester ur amazing i love to c u's in concert my mum wouldnt let me i've only just started likin the band but from wat i've heard from most of ur cd's that i've got but ur frikin brillant
    love u lots say hi to ur kids love ya xSARAx

  80. Hy Chester !!!!! I come from Italy and i'm very sad because you and all Linkin Park's menmbers they don't came in Italy this year!!
    I hope to see you soon bye bye

  81. Hey Chester!
    Can't wait to see the new video!
    Puh-lease come to Romania!!
    luv Ruxy

  82. Hello, I wanted to put my two cents in and tell you that I think you have come along way!!! Your family should be proud of you. I will be seeing your show in Feb at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit and I have to tell you..."I'M SO FREAKIN EXCITED" This is a great way of keeping us up to date with you and your projects!!! Thanks for sharing you life with your fans!!!!

    Tons of love and happiness to you!!
    See ya at the show!!


  83. Hi Chester! Oh my God, I can't believe it! I leave comment on your site... I am very, very excited! :) I am soo biiig fan of Linkin Park since 2000 when I heard you first time, I love all your songs! I'm sorry for my english - I don't speak english very well... I believe, that you and Linkin Park will arrive to Poland soon, please say that I'm right :) I will be reaaallyy really happy (happiest teenager in the world:) if you reply me for this comment on e-mail: malibu@buziaczek.pl !!!

  84. Iyahh Ches,

    I came to c u in concert at sheffield on da 25th of January 08.
    It was wkd i luved every minute n so did everyone else. Glad u didn't break your wrist dis time, u hav a high pain tolerence lol.

    I luffed all ur songs, i still can't believe you write over 150 of the for one album and only choose 12.

    I will see you at ur nxt concert in da UK i kno it's gunna b fuckin awesome!

    Luv Ya

  85. What up chaz glad to have you over in rainy england, I loved the show you put on at nottingham ice arena I hope you include the footage of the part where you came up to the front and sang given up, I was the guy underneath you chaz yo have an awsome voice man

    Keep it up..


  86. Great work Chaz, Love your site, Oh yeah are you including the footage of Nottingham when you came up to the crowd because if you are, i was the guy right underneath you, I could hear your voice past the microphone it was unreal... Great work

    Keep it up, later.

  87. Hey, cool Given Up is the new vid. I'll check it out as soon as it comes out. I wish LP could come to South Africa...anyway cheers.

  88. hey thanks for the info and looking forward to seeing the video. Was at nottingham and just wanted to say you guys rocked man, it was the best night in a long time of my life so thank you all for that. Tried to get tickets for another uk date but couldnt, Hope to see you back in nottingham and soon as you said we are crazy motheer fuckers!!! you guys rock and i have been a massive fan for yrs and you just keep getting better!! enjoy the rest of your tour and dont 4get to be sure to re visit nottingham!
    all the best xxx

  89. Ohhhh Chester....Can't wait to finally hear and see ya in concert in Mtl. on Feb 22nd..Despite being a 53 yr. old mom of two sons who are also fans ( yes they are responsible for our introduction) I seriously think you rock ! Each and every song you sing just blows me away...the lyrics...your voice...Doesn't matter which tune you pick from M2M as the next video as they are ALL great ! Congrats ! Lookin forward to seeing you.

  90. Thnx 4 the upd8 chaz.... Can't w8 2 c LP live again... this will be my 14th LP concert on FEB 15th in Columbus, OH....ROCK OUT!!!!!!!

  91. Hi, Chester!!! I've been w8ing 4 yr site 4 so long!!!
    I`m Sabina and i'm yr fan from Kazakhstan!!! (but now i'm in England 4 1 year)and i've been on yr concert in Manchester, it was GREAT, SUPER and i have no words!!

  92. Chester!!!
    My name is Lizandra
    I love you
    I'm Brazilian
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  93. Hi Chester


    omg Tyler is greeeeat!:p

    Chaz, come to Poland, pls :D

  94. I'm quite upset that you guys are playing a UK Tour but not playing in scotland,
    For a 17 year old who grew up on you, Linkin Park is my favourite band.
    But for you to not play scotland really kinda upset and pissed me off.

  95. Hey there ^_^

    I was at the concert at the 02 arena yesterday.
    It was my first concert ever! And thankyou for making it the best for me.

    I can't wait for the new video.
    Always and forever an admirer


  96. Whooohooo
    2bh yu rocked when i saw you's in notts !
    Given Up Is The Best Song Live N To Have A Vid Of It Live ... xD
    Going Into The Crowd Makes It Better Ur A Fucking Ledgend
    So Much Cooler In Real Life!
    x o x o

  97. Hey Chester..this is so awesome that you've got your own website! I can't wait to see the Given Up video, you guys always make awesome ones. You rocked in Washington this past summer..can't wait to see you guys again!

  98. Hi Chester,

    Just wanted to say it's nice to know what you are up to; I also wanted to say how much you rocked in Paris. I was at both Paris concerts, and I must say these were the most amazing evenings I had seen.
    Thank you for an amazing tour and hope to see the band again soon,



  99. Hey Chester,
    i had the chance to see u with the other guys in frankfurt on the 20th. it was great!
    but the greatest gift u gave to me was when u looked to me and waited, till i was able to make a pic from u. i want to show it u. but how????? i dont want to show it here on the web, because its very special to me, and it must be MY special reminding, u understand??? ;)
    i m a fan from LP since 2002, and i can say, that this concert was the best thing in my life. I dont exaggerate!
    sorry, but my english isnt good, but i hope u will understand what this experience of this great show meant to me. and i hope i will have the chance to meet u once again on a concert... like a wish ... i know...
    plz remember of this concert and maybe u can remember the girl in the second series at the end of ur concert with a white tshirt with a little cute monkey on it.

    peace and if u want to check ur nice pic or only say "hi"

    ur andrea

    and many greets to tyler, he s very cute and thanks to u, that u took him on the stage :) i think he will become once an successfull artist like his dad

  100. Hey Chester,

    I just had to say - its taken me years and years to finally get to a LP concert which was 27 Jan in Manchester. I certainly wasn't disappointed. You guys rocked. Nice to see someone the same age as I am with so much energy!

    Im looking forward to hearing the Dead by Sunrise material. Thanks for the awesome concert on Sunday.

    Lisa - York

  101. Thanks for the update! It's awesome that you have your own site now, ive been waiting for a while. But now i get a chance to tell you what your music means, if it wasnt for your guys music i wouldn't of been able to make it through everything i have. You guys were my vice. Thank you for everything youve done. I doubt your going to read this. but hey fuck it its worth a try. Im gonna be there at the two vegas shows in march better believe ill be front row, crying once again like i did last concert haha. im fucking lame oh well i waited 7 years to see you guys last time. Hope all is well. wish you the best. and keep us updated.

  102. Hey Chester I was wondering...
    are you ever going to have a concert in or near Fairfax, VA?
    Cause me and my friend Jaky(that Jacky) wanted to meet you and the rest of the band so... much plz answer at linkinpark4ev@live.com

  103. Chester,
    Saw you in Sheffield Friday 25th, Amazing!, the place rocked, light effects were fantastic, your voice was brilliant. I also saw you at download last year. I have waited ages to see you guys live definately worth the wait hope I wont be waiting that long again.

  104. hello chester!!!!whats sup!i cant wait to see you in concert soon!i will se you in febuary 16 in new york!i cant wait!=]it will be my first concert ever i hope it will be awsome!plz chester plz give out autograph plz give out an autograph i want to meet you super badly!and want to take a picure with you!!!so febuary 16 in madison square garden new york!plz chester plz chester im beging you!your my favriot singer ever!and i am dying to meet you!ok thanks love ya chester!

  105. Hello, you guys I just wanna what's up

    Please, come to play Rapid City, SD

    I like to you guys there.

    "Given Up" will rock the single

    Keep It up
    Thank you, Chester
    Love you & the music

  106. Hey Chester,
    Big hello from Russia!
    I was visiting your show in Moscow in June. Thank you for coming! It was great experience! I've got so much energy and good emotions! You and your band are real professionals! Respect!It's really cool to hear and watch you. Your music goes deep inside. :)So, keep rockin'!
    Tyler is such cute little fellow! :) Looks like he had very interesting experience during that show.
    Have fun and take care! Good health to you and your family!

  107. hey there
    just thought i would drop a note and express a BIG thank you for the concert last night at the O2 arena london (28th jan).
    i have been dying to see you guys live and i finally made it so again - thankyou!
    enjoy the rest of the tour - look forward to seeing you again when you are next in london!
    mela x

  108. Hi Chaz-its me again:) thanks for your show today:) i wish i could talk to you :/ im sure 'Given up' will be one of the best videos you've ever recorded^^ look forward to watch it:) miss ya already... kisses Daga280

  109. Hey Chester!
    I've just come back home after your fantastic concert at 02!!!
    You were awsome! It was my very first time seeing you live and it will be an unforgettable experience!
    Thanks for a great show and hope to see you again soon!
    Good night for now ;-)

  110. Hey Chazzz
    Come to Brazil!!
    I love you!!
    I love you!!


    Come to Brazil!!
    Come to Brazil!!
    Come to Brazil!!


  111. Chaz... Thank you very much for giving us information about the next single.... I can't wait to see it.


    @Thailand International Airport.

  112. hey, went to see you guys in concert at o2 (finally i got to see you) that was such a good show man, im so gutted that i didnt get in the pitt
    hopefully next time eh?
    more fans the merrier i guess =]

  113. hi chester i am french and i love: "your song and your group your personnality".
    I am a debutant singer of rock'n roll and one day i hope to record a song with you

    by and i hope to see you later
    thanks for you talent

    C est grace a toi que jai envi de chanter merci merci beaucoup

  114. Hey!! Showin some love from NJ!! I saw you guys twice so far; in Philly and in Camden for the tour last summer!! It was totally kick- ass and I love watching you guys perform. You definetly know what you're doin on stage and everyone goes absolutely crazy when LP comes on!! Have fun in the UK...hopefully some day I'll go there too<3


  115. Hello!
    i love so much music what you do and all peoples in the band. But one thing sucks. LP never visited in Finland!! i know you dont have much time to come every countrys. But i relly,really love if you come in Finland someday.(Finland is cold country, but full of warm peoples.) i`am waiting for you about 6 years.
    and i am so sorry for my bad english. i hope you understant what i try to say.

    warm regards in Finland: EcuZie

  116. Wooo i was at the 2 02 arena concerts!! the given up vids gonna be wikid i cant wait!! you guys were amazing !!!! im so sad its over now and i cant wait for you 2 come back to the uk :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Best Band Ever!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Hello Chesterrrrrrr --

    Greetings from Greece beileve me there are many LP funs here--we hope u will visit us once and rock this sunny place a bit--no matter though we love u here in Greece ..so keep rocking m8

    No more sorrowwwwwwwwwwwww LP is here!!(our favourite song in greece)

  118. Hi Chazy Chaz! Thak you for the information, in Ukraine it's difficult to get it...Veeeeeeeery difficult...As for me, I thought that "No More Sorrow" will be a new single(it's my favourite song from "Minutes To Midnight"), and it was a big surprise for me and my friends! Funny...Good luck!!!

  119. Hey man, I was pretty sure the next single will be Valentine's Day, I really love it, so I was maybe disappointed. But I am damn sure you will make great video. (And I hope so.)
    And...sorry for my english, I'm from Czech rep so my english sucks... Please, would you like to come to Prague again? I know you don't remember every concert, but in june last year in Prague was the best concert I have ever seen.
    Come to Prague and I'll invite you for a beer :-)

  120. Hi Chazy Chaz! Thak you for the information, in Ukraine it's difficult to get it...Veeeeeeeery difficult...As for me, I thought that "No More Sorrow" will be a new single(it's my favourite song from "Minutes To Midnight"), and it was a big surprise for me and my friends! Funny...Good luck!!!

  121. hi chaz, i'm sure GU videoclip is gonna be awesome. ur son is cute just like you ;). anyway, thanks for some information from you.

    kisses ;*


  122. Hi Chester!!! Thats me again!!! I have aquestion, when is Given ups video going to be released?
    I'm very happy i had chance to see you while i'm in Britain (cause u will probably would never ever even think about coming t Kazakhsan :), anyway. I want to meet u 1 day. I hope i will!
    LOVE U Chaz, and all Linkin Park guys. Kiss.

  123. have a safe trip to LA :)
    btw, ches, you should stay out of injury troubles! how many stitches did u get when u were in s.e asia?

    u guys are so hilarious and obviously Tyler got ur talent ;) looking forward to the new video!

  124. hey chester. just like to say loved ur gig at sheffield arena on friday 25th couldnt have been better. brought bak sum memorys of my m8 who passed away a couple of months ago now. i think his mother requested what ive done and in the end im not sure. just like to say thanks for a sik evening n hope for you to come bak to sheffield soon i would definately come and sit through biffy clyro agen haha.

    be gr8 if you could send me a email on kenny_1000@hotmail.co.uk

    thanks from kenny

  125. Hello :)
    Your London show was immense. You sounded brilliant. & you guys are amazing. Thank you. :)

  126. he guys!! just read chesters blog...glad to know a thing like this excists...love the new album...especially the lyrics..i knd of relate to them..Question..when are you guys come and play in holland? I have never seen you guys play live and i heard it is a great experience..
    anyway, can not wait to hear more, keep it up!! love jessica.

  127. have a safe journey home, dont leave it to long to come back to the uk, missing you all ready.

  128. HI Chester,

    Thanks for the London Concert at the 02.
    I must say that the small concert you done in the Astoria London last year was the best ever.
    Can't wait for the next one.


  129. hey chester ,thanks for a off the hook concert last night at the london o2 arena on the 29th jan.
    It was my first concert so thank you for taking my concert virginity...shame i found out about the mp3 download thing too late for the concert i would have had that (saw it in the programma which on sale),anyway too late now
    cheers for a great night gazza

  130. I'm excited about the new single. Given Up is a great song. I love seeing you guys live as well. Minutes to Midnight is the best album yet. LP fan for life, I really love you guys.

  131. I think it's awesome how you keep up informed (a lot of bands won't do that.) also I wanted to say hi, and that I think ur awesome! keep up the most excellent work dude, I love u man! cya, bye.


  132. Hi, Chester!!!!

    Hope you have a great time in UK with ur family :D!!
    I can't wait to see the new Given Up live video, I love those.
    I Love U guys! I hope you came to Chile. Someday xD!

    =D take care, bye!!


    ps. Ok, it's true, my english sucks, I gess... D:

  133. omg a real message from chester i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    (and him )))))))))))))))))
    ahh wow

  134. I think the live video is gonna be sweet.. mainly because you guys actually sound amazing live. a lot of bands dont.. haha. ANYWAYS.... CHICKEN!!

    p.s. See y'all feb. 15 in Ohio! :P

  135. Good luck with LP and DBS!

  136. Hello You...
    Thanx for the info
    When are you comimh to Sweden again.

    Love from Maria

  137. Hey I just wanted to say thank you for a great show tuesday night in London. It was actually my first LP show (even though I have been a fan for forver), and I have to say it was one of the best moments of my life! I was front row on the right hand side (in front of the guy who kept screaming lol) and it was so amazing. I can't wait to see the new video and for another show!

    Thanks again.


  138. Hey chester,

    You really rocked that shit out in london didnt you. I saw you on the 29th and it was my first ever concert let alone linkin park. You blew me away. As soon as that curtain dropped. Yelling my head off singing everyword. Can't wait for your new single as it is my favourite on the album. Can't wait for your next tour or album too!

    Thanks for my first gig experience if definatley won't be the last seeing you!

  139. Heey Chaz!
    I love your new site, it's awesome :) I live in Finland and I have unfortunately noticed, that LP hasn't visited in Finland! What a mistake.. Here lives a big group your fans! So remember us, when you nex time go on tour!

  140. hi^^ i didn't say it earlier but-i am impressed the way U wrote here about Tyler-its sooo much love in this words Uve wrote U didnt have to write about your son but U did and that is important thing/ little Tyler is soo cute^^ i wish i could see him on the Londons shows. take care DAGA280

  141. hi chester i'm a fan from florence in italy....come in italy please .... sorry for my english... love you... bye bye tivubiii XD

  142. hi i am lisa from manchester england,me and my future husband mat came to the concert on the 27th january 2008.we have loved your music for some time now but was we blown away we the live performance can not wait until your here or in europe so we can see you again totally fantastic and hooked. you guys rocked the hell out of manchester. Half our organs still there buzzing in the pit.great can not get enough of your sh*t we need more very happy 36 year old rocker Hey if i win the lotto how much to play at my wedding.carribbean were ever. GOT TO BE CHEEKY SOMETIMES.love you guys lisa x

  143. This comment has been removed by the author.

  144. CHESTER! i heard u guys visited Hamleys jest b4 playin at the O2..it was my day off frm hamleys, thats so depressing =( it woulda been a once in a life time thing man, please visit again!!! i'll give u my discount pleeeeeeeeease =D haha. Neway the concert was so fun. U guys should film ur next video in Camden..its a scary place at nite!!

  145. right on can't wait,Chester your the best see you in london.LOVE YA!

  146. cant wait to see you in Manchester New Hampshire on the 18th!

    you guys are gonna rock out Verizon Wireless Arena!!!

    keep up the good work Chester!

  147. Well, Given Up is a good choice but I hope you'll release also Valentine's Day coz its February..Not bad if you will release two singles at the same time..For your next video, im looking forward to that and as you have said, It'll be a live video and I hope it'll be much better than Points Of Authority video..good luck guys!Linkin Park- Best Band in the world...LP Rules!

  148. Hi Chester.

    Just thought i'd drop you a line or two. My husband and I came to see you at the O2 arena in London on 29th January and I must say, i've been to some concerts in my time but yours was by far one of the best, totally awesome!!!!. My husband is in the British Army and left this morning on a detatchment. Seeing Linkin Park in concert was one of his "all time things to do before 40" lol. You've made him a very happy man and I thankyou for that. Love to all. Rachel xx

  149. Hi, chester,

    i went to my first gig in Manchester MEN, on the 27th Jan 08, you guys are fab, i would love to see you all again, please come back, but don't leave it toooo long,

    love to you


  150. Hello Chazy ))
    I'm your real fan. I like your voice ... your style ... your band... You are the best ) And I wish that your always should make a concert in Minsk , Belarus ... I hope you know were is it )) Sorry for my English )) I'll know him not good, but... understand all you songs and listen them every day for 4-5 hours )) I like it )) So... I hope you will write me answere .... Bye Bye Chaz ))

  151. Hey chester!! I'm realy excited and I can hardly breath!! i have just heard about your blog and I'm so happy that now you have one!! :] the other fact- about given up made me stop breathing too!!! I'm very very exited about the new single and I can't wait to watch it!!:]] WOW it's so cool!!! you are great, chester. You have the most beautiful voice I have EVER heard<3. I realy enjoyed the show in Paris! next year in Israel?:]please come to Israel too, you don't know how much we love you, Linkin Park, here. You are the best band ever!!!!!
    I realy hope you read it even tough I've written a lot. and this is a try to catch your attention:
    and this is a picture of you, chaz,which my brother shot at the show at BERCY PARIS:


    I love you, i love you, i love you!!!!:] CHEN,ISRAEL.

  152. Hey Chester!Thanks for information!!!Sorry for my English,I'm a just learner & I live in Kazakhstan...
    Your new video about your lip and samurai-Mike is so amazing!!!!!!!!Oh,It's so amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    we(I & my friend) love you but we are ignored by the others because of our music choice(they're laughing at us and they don't love LP(((
    It's so bad to complain about it,but we haven't anyone who can understand us(((and here aren't your albums(((fucking place!!!

    So buy,thank you for your skill&art and for we have you)))

  153. Hoo Chester..,
    I am soo glad to hear what
    Given up its your next singel!!
    i realy love it!!
    love you.sexi ona.

  154. ooooooooh, my fucking life!!!!!!!!!!! This song is about me!!!!!! Chaz,you're the best... I'm feeling like a garbage left it's bin and looking for better life... And it really became better))) HEY, EVERYBODY, MY FUCKING LIFE BECOMES BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOO!!!!! FUCK...

  155. Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing concerts at the O2 on 28th and 29th Jan. one question though - what was the reasoning behind the difference in songs played at both concerts. Your opening song on 28th was What I've Done and on 28th it was No More Sorrows and you didn't play My December on 29th (just a couple of the changes)? Both shows were fantastic though and as someone who went both days it was great to see a different show on 29th!!


  156. Hey Chester. I was standing at the front in your January 29th concert in the o2 arena. I managed to hold your hand when you stood up onto the fence and screame in Given Up.

    I just want to say how fantastic you really are. This concert was the first one for me ever, and I simply CANNOT put into words how perfect and explosive it was.

    Chester, THANKYOU for delivering such a mind-blowing performance to me.

    Thanks if you manage to read this, love you Chester!! =]

    P.S I'm a guy and I don't LOVE you but dude, after your concert I'm as close as one CAN get to it. You are simply brilliant at what you do Chester. Well done.

  157. Hey Chester. I just want to say that I went to see your concert on th 29th January in the o2 arena. It was frickin' AWSOME Chester!

    Really, it was my first concert ever, and I simply cannot put into words how simply fantastic and mind-blowing my experience was watching Linkin Park play.

    I stood at the front of the crowd, where you leaned over the fence and screamed at us in Given Up. I managed to hold you hand. It was simply amazing Chester.

    Thankyou SO MUCH for the experience of seeing you perform live. I absolutely LOVE YOU Chester, just everything about you is just so frickin' brilliant!

    I live in England, im 15 years old, and I'm a guy. You have really touched me inside from that concert.

    You really have.

    Thankyou Chester.

    -Ryan M.

    P.S if you ever do get the chance, I would love to get in touch with you over email or something dude. I understand that you are extremely busy though, so I would not be dissapointed in anyway if you can not contact me as I completly understan.

    Once again thankyou for your performance Chester.

  158. Hi, Chester!!!

    I'm so happy to have find your blog :)

    Linkin Park the best for ever!!!

  159. who ever made the comment about the popper stopper is wack.still love ya chester!

  160. Hi Chaz !
    Thanks for giving us some informations, especially concerning the new single. Valentine's Day is a very beautiful song (especially during February), but since I bought Minutes to Midnight, Given Up have been my favourite song, so I just thank you for that, and for the show you made in Amneville 2 weeks ago, I was there, I saw you, in the audience, I saw Mike, Brad, Rob, Joe and Phoenix. I saw LP. I'll never forget it, and It'll always be in my memory. Deeper than all the memories I've ever kept. I'm french, so sorry for making mistakes.

    Stay like you have always been.
    And See you soon !

  161. Hi chazz!!

    Given up the next single!! That's great!!! 18 seconds screaming.... Wonderful!!!!!!!! There's no words, your voice is amazing!!

    you are just the best vocalist in the world!!!

    Portugal is waiting for you...

    Sorry, my english is horrible..

    Bye!! Kiss's


  162. Hi Chazz!!!

    Given up the next single!!! That's great!! 18 seconds screaming... your voice are wonderful!!!

    You're the best vocalist in the world!!!!!!

    Portugal are waiting for you!!!

    bye kiss's


  163. Hey Charles! How r u today? Hope now u're taking a break after European tour! Wish u good luck in American one! I'm from Moldova (east Euope) and we r waiting 4 u! Hope see u soon! =) Thank u 4 what u r doing 4 us! U are great! We luv u! Bye!=)

  164. Hi Chester, my name is Cassio, and I`m from Brazil..I`m a great linkin park fan, I think the show in Sao Paulo was amazing,I really wanted to be there.. but I think the next time you should come to Brasilia, cuz in Brazil we are called ``rock city`` and its really means linkin park...

    thank you guy..
    i hope you take a look on this..
    sorry about the english..

    LP RULZ..

  165. Sweet...lol..I don't have much to say, just stoked you have your own offical website :) Night Chester!

  166. Hello, thank you for an awsome week, I had a great time at every show just wish it didn't have to end:( And I can't wait to see the video, thank you for filming it here because thats like my big momento for this tour.
    And it was sooo green of you going back and forth from show to show I hope you made up for it in some way.

  167. u just don't get enough of our love, don't u? an offcial site just for u, that's nice and is even nicer that u posted a blog. hope u'll be here more often than on lpn! love u chaz!y

  168. Joow Chaz=P Thank you for the info, Given up live is great.. no more sorrow is better...=D in pieces too <3
    uuh i love LP so <3
    The Best Band 4 Ever<3
    LP Rockz the world!
    Come again to Germany! The Show...was great <3
    sorry for my english.. i'm from germany=D

    my favourite song from MtM is "in pieces" & "leave out all the rest" =D but "from the inside" is the best song 4ever <3
    We love you Chaz<3
    Bye. Tamara

  169. Given up huh? Love that song^^ a live vid would go great with the song. Well, hope you and the guys have a good tour & safe travels.

    take care.

  170. Nothing's more important than spending your time and watching your own kid grow up and creating strong bond between "FATHER and SON" I believe TYLER will become a great man and a good father just like you CHESTER! you rock!!!!:) hope LP will come and visit MANILA soon.... love you guys and love your music!!!!

  171. Hello!
    Thank you for the information, I am sorry for my English, because I Brasileira ;)

    I am very fan of Linkin Park, including the Chester :)

    Good night

  172. Hey Chester =)

    Thanks for the information about the new single. That's cool !!

    Sorry for my english but i'm from Austria ...

    Please come to Austria ... please !!

    Love you Chazy !!

  173. hi chaz thanks for givin us here ur lates news.it was great 2 hear that u n ur families are havin time in london.we r here in indonesia waitin ur next konser since last 2004.cia you.....

  174. What`s up Chazz, it`s Cássio from Brazil..
    come rock with us in Brasilia..
    rocks city..


  175. Hey whats up Chester? could U post here something funny (LOL-funny means... hmmm just funny-pict or something ;)) Cya, take care;)

  176. Hello Chester,
    My name is stéphanie, I live in France in Normandy.
    I want to say you Thank you and your Group Linkin Park for your concert in Paris Bercy on January 22.
    I hope what you come back in France a day.
    I love you and Linkin Park.
    Big kiss of France
    Stéphanie Béchiri
    Vive La France, Vive Linkin Park The best of the world

  177. hi chester! given up is fantastic i love it...your voice is simply wonderful...thank you to exist...a big kiss...by your fan from florence!!!!!

  178. Chester Hello! I am very much his fan!

    My name is Bruna, I am Brazilian, I have 13 years, I would much you were in Brazil/São Paulo this year ...

    Thanks by the attention. Love you !!!Chazzzzzzzzz!!!

    Many Kiss Kiss with affection

    Bruna Vieira

  179. Hi Chaz.......

    I'm from Brazil...

    And wanna say that id love your musics.......

    I love LP...


  180. chaz.. i need your help... can u create a slogan for me... not more than 15 words...
    include the word
    :global warming

    please chazzy i need it want it.. i need ur help... please...

  181. Hey Chester, i went to the concert at the O2 on the 29th and mate is was fantastic, thank you for that man!


  183. Hello Chester!!

    Do you remember the Show in Switzerland? It was a Friday, the eighteen of January. I was there and it was amazing, you have a beautiful voice and I really love your music. I'm 15 years old, and the best day of my life was because of you!! I will never forget the kiss that you send to me in the corner of your scene. I've cried because I heard your voice in live. I couldn't scream enough to say your name, but I tried. I only want to say you Thanks. Thanks to let me live that beautiful moment. Thanks to write songs and thanks to come to Basel. I'd to travel 250KM to see you but you know it doesn't mater because I heard you in live!! I just love you! Don’t stops sing please and come back in Switzerland!! Love You!

    Tanks a lot!

  184. Hey Chester,thanks for the info!!!Given Up New Single!!It is great!!!
    We're waiting for Linkin Park in UKRAINE!!!Pleaseee come!!!!

    I hope you have a great time in London!!
    Tyler is so cute!!!

    Love you Chaz!!!!!!!!!

  185. Hey Chester! Thanks for letting us fans know what's going on!
    It sounds great having Given Up as the next single.
    Hope to see you in Brazil this year!


  186. come to auburn again, you guys kick so much ass

  187. hey it's awesome you have a blogger; i have one for a personal podcast i'm making.

    too random, good luck with the video=]]

  188. hey thanks for the info but i'll like to see you rockin' in Romania cuz are many fans here that want to see you and tha band.I saw all LP concerts but not live,on the pc.
    The new single will rock!!

    love you chaz!

  189. Hi Chester i'm really happy when i learn that you and your band are carry out the video of "given up" and i wait with patient for the come out of the video.

    Hi guy!!!

  190. Hi ChaZ, that`s so great that you opened your official site;D! Thanks for information about new single,I can't wait to see Given up video!!!
    THANKS so much for the performance in Russia - Moscow,"Olimpiysky" 06.06.07,i was there! That's was unforgettable.I hope to see you again,Pls come to Russia this year,after Latvia!!!

  191. hey chazz thaks for the information about the new single, i love this song. and the concert in germany,hannover was great!!!!!!!!!

    and tyler is soooo sweet^^

    sorry for my english im german lol

  192. Chazzzzzzzz..

    come to Brazil again, pleaseeee!!

    WE MISS YOU!!!


    Thanks for everything!!!

  193. Hey chester whats up? lol um... So when is that video going to be done? You should check out my friends band, as well as the video I directed for them. Its on my myspace witch is www.myspace.com/masonknight Well ill see you at the vegas show on the 7th. you're BIG fan! Mason

  194. good luck chaz ,, luv ya =D
    gratz from your fans in afghanistan XDD


  195. hey this is Justin from Philippines, can't wait to see you all perform again here,(meteora show).. i really admire u guys! i can relate to your songs, haha..Chaz-u'r still the best rocker 4 me dude!kip it up! C:

    -i love your tattoos Chaz, haha C:


  196. hey this is Justin from Philippines, can't wait to see you all perform again here,(meteora show).. i really admire u guys! i can relate to your songs, haha..Chaz-u'r still the best rocker 4 me dude!kip it up! C:

    -i love your tattoos Chaz, haha C:


  197. hey chazz.When you come to TURKEY?

    come to TURKEY please..(I can't speak English very well,sorry)

  198. Hey Chester!!!
    Thanks for some information.
    I think you are best singer...
    ...and I hope that you can come to Russia....
    Best wishes, your fan from Russia - Elena...
    We love you so much!!!!!