Chester and Rob interview

Australian Herald Sun did an interview with Chester and Rob. They talked about the band growing up, tours, and how the next album should be out pretty quickly. ;) Read it here.
I'm actually in better shape than I've ever been in my life. Me today would kick the s--- out of me five years ago (laughs). And I think my voice is better, too.


  1. GOD!!! Linkin Park is the best freakin band ever!!! given up is sooooo freaking crazy i love it!!!!!!!

  2. I love you guys you have literally saved my life at one point. I love your old stuff, alot and I most of the new stuff. Maybe changin your style to meet both but at a much larger scale. I would love to see a new album from you guys regardless. I can't get enough.

    You mention fans have grown with you guys. I remember the day I bought hybrid, i listened to it constantly(non-stop till meteora). We all grown up. I love you guys and thank you for the help!

  3. That's wicked man!
    I've been listening to you guys since I was,what...7?Yh 7-when Hybrid Theory came out and I'm still trying to score tickets for a show in London that I don't have to skip school for!
    This is a time when I can say "I wanna be like you" and not sound corny.
    M2M is inspriational!
    Keep it up guys.
    (Why did No Roads Left get voted off the album?!?!It rocks man!)

  4. LINKIN PARK IS THE BEST MUHFUKEN BAND EVA i love all there albums and i hope they make anotha 1 coz itd KIK ASS to and LP PLZ COME BAK TO AUSTRALIA ESSPECIALLY BRISBANE lp roks peace out dudes

  5. I think the best song in the new album is Leave out all the it! The album is really really good!

  6. Hey guys?how are you? will you have a new album? when.....anyway just say...even if it well be after 10 years..just say....and your new album (minutes to midnight) is realy goood but why did u change the ''song lifestile'' because meteroa or hybrid theory are not like minutes to have changed guys.... BUT YOU'RE STILL THE BEST :)

  7. Hi chazy! I love your voice!!! It's wonderful!!! When I was listening "Minutes to Midnight" I can't believe was Linkin Park playing that!! I really loved!!!!!!!

    I hope the tour are going well...

    Sorry I know that my english is horrible...



  8. I've decided to have your song "leave out all the rest" played at my funeral, my kids cant listen to that song now without crying so maybe I shouldn't have told them. It is my favourite song EVER and trust me, my cd collection is HUGE. Chester, you are my future husband, you just haven't met me yet. hee hee. Love ya'll forever. can't wait to see you again.

  9. Hello, M2M rocks, glad you're doind a video for GU!!!!! Cant wait...

  10. I went to your concert in Detroit and it was awesome! The best concert I have been to by far!!! I absolutely loved that you played "In Pieces!" Love the old and the new, you guys are rock!