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"When we choose groups to tour with, we really look at a lot of different things, but mostly we look at the quality of the band," lead singer Chester Bennington said during the same teleconference. "We feel that good music speaks for itself, and I don't know about you guys, but if I go to a concert and every band sounds the same, it kind of makes for a really long day. So we do like to keep things fresh and keep things moving, and play with acts we haven't played with before.

As a remembrance of this "fresh" show, fans who purchased tickets online have the opportunity to purchase MP3s of the show they attended.

"You can basically opt-in when you buy your tickets online for the digital souvenir package," Bennington said. "What will happen after that is, you go to the show, you watch your show, enjoy that, come home, and in your e-mail inbox you'll have a link to the show, to the MP3s of our set from the show you went to. In other words, you get to take home the, hopefully, memorable concert that you went to.

"And the best part about it, to me, is that our live mixer, our official mixer who mixes our show every night at the front-of-the-house position, he finishes his night with us and then goes back to his hotel or bus or backstage and mixes the show for you."

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