$1 from ticket sales going to MFR

$1 from each ticket sold on the recent Linkin Park European & UK and upcoming U.S. & Canadian tour dates will be donated to Music for Relief for tree planting with American Forests.

CLICK HERE for tour dates and full details.

Additionally Linkin Park will stepping up their efforts to go green while they are on the road by using bio-diesel fuel in trucks & buses, running shore power for buses whenever possible and offsetting when not possible. They’ll be utilizing reusable kitchenware and utensils, locally grown organic foods and use recyclable materials and reusable serving products.

The venues are doing their part as well by implement green initiatives wherever possible, including recycling, utilizing renewable energy certificates and offering preferred parking or incentives for carpools, hybrid and electric vehicles.

For the much-buzzed-about Madison Square Garden show in New York City on February 21, Linkin Park is working with Energy Analytics www.carboncurtailment.com, a leading New York-based energy services company and the venue to utilize Renewable Energy Credits for the equivalent amount of all electricity consumed during the concert. Energy Analytics will provide the Renewable Power Certificates utilized to offset Linkin Park’s concert electricity needs.

By creating this partnership with Energy Analytics and electing to utilize renewable energy credits, the band can actively offset their overall carbon impact on the environment.

To see which greening initiatives are happening at each venue visit linkinpark.com/live and click on the details link under the show you’re interested in.

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  1. i think it's cool that LP goes green "on tour" but what about offtour? like what about their own officiel site? with all the white that's on there, i'm sure there's 50% more electricity that's consumed just by surfing through the LPN or the message boards.
    how about just less white? it would do good on the environnement too.