Interview with Chester part 2 & 3

Etnies has posted up the rest of their interview with Chester about Club Tattoo at their blog.


  1. Yay, i didnt know too much about Club Tattoo, but i do now! I love these interviews, keep posting them, theyre awesome.
    Chester you rule, peace out!

  2. wow i must check it out cool! love ya chaz!

  3. hey chaz!

    Please agreement the section of Photocasting it is wrong to link

    Abra├žos, one of its biggest fans.. from Brazil.=****

  4. 4 kids?! When did that happen? Rofl.

    Thanks for posting anyway.


    Wassup Chaz, I've done an artwork of you, chek it out. Looking forward to your solo album and ofcourse Given Up single too :D. Good luck dude :)

  6. wow, when i get to the US, i'm gonna visit club tattoo and get my first tatt. what about just kidding:) anyway, Chester, can't wait to hear DBS, keep up the great work

    cheers from Slovakia

  7. Hi Chaz;) You have awesome tattoos and wonderful voice. I'm going to do a similar tattoo on my back ;)

  8. Hey Chazy Chaz!!!! My god, your own web site now, hey. Looking good. Can't wait for your solo too!

    Given Up - great choice, we all have been longin for that single, man!

  9. I love you chaaz :*

  10. Yeah! i love you! :O
    Why you didn't come to Sudamerica! you have to come here! in Peru! i've waiting for Linkin park :)

  11. Chester please! Come here to sudamerica in Peru! I know a lot of your songs! thanks! i know to your are coming here in peru!

  12. Hey chaz! Lp on tour i wish i was there to.. hihih by the way. ur bday is coming... but in a mont time..hihihi ill just wait! c ya!

  13. hey chaz!
    love ur voice! how do you scream for 17 seconds.

  14. Hej Chaz and the rest of LP !

    Skive Beach Party, you know.
    I've only bough a ticket beacuse of you guys !
    Well. Oh yes.. Ehm

    I hope you'll play maybe:
    Somewhere I belong,
    From the inside,
    One step closer,
    Or actually ! Whatever you'll play, It'll be good, you know

    Bye Guys :D

    (Linkin Park Fucking Rocks!)