Given Up video premeire

1:33 AM Jen Brockwell 11 Comments

The new video for Linkin Park's newest single, "Given Up," will premiere exclusively on the LP Network Widget on Monday, March 3 at 4pm PST! Stay tuned to the widget and to so you don't miss out.


  1. hey chester, sorry you guys had to cancel your two show, but I hope you get and feel better soon, so you can sing again, cause we all love you and your voice! good luck!

  2. Beautiful there will surely be to see the video
    the drummer
    Mario...(I am Italian of sicilia because you don't sometimes come for a concert??)

  3. Hey Chaz ! I'm looking forward to seeing the Video Premiere of Given Up ! The best song [for me] of Minutes To Midnight, even if I love all of them ! The idea to make a video adding lives from the band is just brilliant, and makes me exciting ! I saw you in Amnéville [France] last January, and I know how exciting and unforgettable it was ! Whenever I listen to LP (meaning all the time lol), it gives me strength and happiness. So just a [worthless] Thank You from a 15-years-old French !

    Less than a day before "Given Up" !

    PS : Sorry for making mistakes !


  5. Hey Chester get well soon!I want you to know that here in Naples and in italy we're waiting you for a long time ... we would be happy if you will be here for a concert! I am only 13 years but I follow you since I was six in Hybrid Theory years ... I hope that you come for a concert! A great Greeting From Naples! We love you!
    From:Stefano Borrelli (Naples)

    P.S.:Sorry if I don't speak English well ;)

  6. I were born your same day chester:) 20 March

  7. That's an awesome video!! Loved it! Oh, and Chester... I hope you feel better!!! I know other LP fans won't like me for this, but... take all the time off you need--the important thing is that you get better! Your health is the most important thing, so you take care of yourself!!

  8. Given Up's video is weird and violent, and it really shows how much you and the band give from yourselves ! I just Loved It !

    Thanks !

  9. i love it..¨
    so goooood
    and im so gonna se you in SWEDEN in june...thanx for that
    love maria

  10. Chester!!!!!

    You should recover soon. I know that you can come back with good voice again to rock the world with ur thunderbolt vocie

  11. Love the vid, i remember bein at the concert where it was played, loved that too.
    Me and my band are doing some linkin park songs and boy are they hard to sing, especialy for me because my voice hasn't broken

    keep rockin man!!!