Chester Interview in Kerrang Issue# 1215

What prompted you to bring the amazing Projekt Revolution to the UK? I love the idea and was one of the first to buy a ticket! -Beth, Milton Keynes

"It was the fans who prompted us to bring it to the UK. We've done it in the US for the last years and a lot of fans asked why we weren't doing it anywhere else. It's one thing to have one or two kids ask, but when we were getting lots of kids coming up with the same question. If people ask loud enough and long enough, they tend to get heard and that's what happened. It's going to be even bigger and better in the UK too. It'll be nice to hook up with Jay-Z again, as well.
He's a great guy but we've never done a formal tour together, so that will be fun."

What's the biggest misconception about Linkin Park? - Helen via

"Hmmm, I'm not sure. I think there used to be a lot of misconceptions about Linkin Park but it doesn't happen so much now. Do people think we are to serious? I don't know. Sometimes they think we're too nice but I promise that we do have an edge. Another misconception is that people think we don't play live. That bothers me because we really pride ourselves on our live show. I can assure you that we do play live."

If you were to switch bodies with Mike Shinoda for a day, what things would you get up to? - Joe, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

"Mike is one of the most talented people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is a genius. I'd like to be Mike in his studio for a day and work out how he does his thing so well. He's so creative, so I'd steal some of his ideas and freak him out the next day. I'd be like, 'You know that song you were thinking about? Here it is. Oh, and that painting you were thinking of doing? I already did that too'."

What are the best bits and worst bits of fame? - Rebecca, Leeds

"There are a lot of great parts about it. It's cool that people are excited to see me when I'm out and about. Although, it does bother me when people come up to me when I'm eating. Usually the first thing they say is, 'I don't mean to bother you', when what they really mean is, 'But I'm going to anyway...'. However, we're really fortunate that we're famous but we're not celebrities. Our fans are very respectful too, most of the time, and I never get bombarded by paparazzi or hordes of people. We get a lot of love. One nice thing about being the singer in a successful rock band, is that I do get to pull out the rock star card every now and again. I've phoned up restaurants and been told that they are full before. As ashamed as I am to say, I've definitely phoned them back five minutes later and said, 'I'm calling for Chester Bennington from Linkin Park'. They go, 'Awesome, how many people do you want to bring? We'll make sure you have a table'. That's quote nice!"

Chester, how did it feel having an obsessed fan stalk you and hack into your email account? - Tamara Mackie, Fife Scotland

"Well, that's the downside of fame. What was weird was that that person thought what they did was okay when it was very uncomfortable. She thought she was just being a fan when she hacked into m email account and stole my identity. She's now doing two years in federal prison and that's not cool. She just didn't understand that there was a line that she crossed. The whole experience was very scary. I put a lot of trust in people and try to think everyone is good but this is the sort of experience that makes you think again. It's not a good feeling when you find out a complete stranger has all of your family's phone numbers, your business associates' phone numbers and has been privy to all sorts of personal information."

Chester, you've spoken openly about the difficult times you went through while you were growing up. Has speaking about things, knowing that you're helping young people in similar situations helped you to put your past behind you? - Lisa, Bournemouth

"At first I didn't want to talk about what happened to me when I was growing up because I was afraid of what people might think. But, by talking about it, it's really helped me figure myself out as a person. I've talked to my kids about it, to other kids and in magazines. Hopefully that helps other people in the same situation tell others about it. In most cases, a lot of these things happen inside families and that's hard because the victim often doesn't want to break up their family. But there's a chance the person is also doing it to other people and that needs to be stopped. It's very important to talk about it. I don't know that I've necessarily helped people but, if I have, then I'm glad."

It's been rumored that you're leaving Linkin Park to front Velvet Revolver. True or false? -Paul via

"I'm friends with all the guys in Velvet Revolver and have played with all of them before. I'm friends with Scott Weiland too. I think the rumour that I was going to join Velvet Revolver started because Slash asked me if I'd come play a show with them in Vegas right around the time that Scott left the band. Timing-wise, it didn't work out for me though. Maybe people assumed that invitation meant I was joining the band. It would be very uncomfortable for me to join that band because I'm friends with all of them, including Scott. If I was even going to do just one show, or record just one song with them, I'd have to know it was okay with my band, all those guys and Scott too. If I wasn't in Linkin Park anymore and I didn't know Scott, though, I'd say yes. Who wouldn't? The music is great and it would be a really cool opportunity."

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  1. You DID help other people, Chester.

  2. Hey Chester, Great interview, you and the rest of the band are so down to earth and you guys are fun!!!!!!Just to let you know I'm big on charitiy work, and always helping, all who need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, I'm there!!!! Keep up the good work!!! And Just remember LP Fans, Please Think Green!!!Support our troops!!!Pray for World Peace!!!Give to LP Charities!!!! And Rock On!!! Love to All, rockergirl122 (Patti)

  3. Chester , i think youre my paragon(my english is bad) even the rest of Linkin Park. This year, u guys had an show in Hultsfred,sweden that you cancelled (second time in Sweden that u guys cancelled a show) i hope you come back after project revolution<3 Linkin Park wouldnt be Linkin Park without you, Chester. i remember when i met you at m&g in stockholm, globe

  4. hey chester =) my names nida nd am 16.i have always dreamt of seeing u guys live in concert.but right now situations arent good right now for lifes like hell.wen i read about ur childhood i cried in tears coz i can deffinetly relate to scared to get help nd i sometimes feel suicidal.i dont know what to do.i jus wanted to tell you dat i love you guys soo much nd jus hope dat u guys succeed in life.sorry for my spelling.always thinking of you till my death.......xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    i dont have a great life nd jus hope u do.u guys r da best plz send love to all...

  5. hey chester,you have helped people who went though or are going though terible've helped me a bit i've been raped around 15-20 times and was only a few feet away from my best friend when she decided to shot herself in the head,plus my dad,grandfather,and my friend ashley has also past away.i cant get those memeries out of my head (althogh linkin park music is a good outlit)take care chester, always b there 4 ur kides (i know u will )i know how much it sucks 2 not have anyone 2 talk 2 i've never had it, my family kicked me out when i was 15. so i have no family or friends (yeah im a loner) im just scared of meeting someone and then to get close to them and then something happens to them.

  6. im shervin 17 from
    iran.hope we see u guys in iran cuz u have millions of fans here. every1 loves LP cuz yor songs help people in there life.tnx for helping man.and show all the bad things and all the suffer people take in no more sorrows video.u did that in what ive done and every liked it.HAVE A GREAT LIFE chester