Ready for Revolution

What's one of the best shows you've ever seen?

Bennington: I'll never forget this show, I saw Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers, in my opinion, all on their best records. You had Pearl Jam out with Ten — the band was great, they've got two of the shreddingest guitar players alive, and they were just killing it. And then Nirvana came out, and it was so different, so new and so fresh, it felt like when I discovered Jane's Addiction. I felt like the Chili Peppers didn't say, "Okay, you guys can't blow things up because we're gonna blow things up. And just have Pearl Jam do basic lights." Everybody got to do what they wanted to do and I think that, for me, was the reason why it was so special. No one freaked out when Eddie Vedder ran across the arena and was climbing up the wall and singing while swinging from the lighting fixtures over his band. I was like, "He's gonna f****ng kill everybody." But it was really great. And then for Kurt Cobain to come out and destroy his set and to feel that pure raw passion and then the Chili Peppers are one of the best bands ever. It was a really memorable thing and I remember being like, "I wanna do that. I want to be part of something like that." And going back to Lollapalooza, there was Ice Cube, Ministry and you guys [Soundgarden], it was like, "What is happening right now 'cause this doesn't normally happen?" And that kind of inspired me and I think it inspired all the guys in my band 'cause we were like, "How can we take all this stuff and put it in one thing? And how can we take all of our inspiration and all of our passion for all these other bands and bring that out on a tour?"

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  1. No doubt those are great bands. I'd love to have been at that concert. Keep up the great work Chester, you and the guys do an awesome job. LP is officially the best band I've ever seen live by a mile.

  2. For me, LP is the best band, and will be a the biggest ledengary band in the world. I've seen 2 shows, the first was so great (even it's the first time that I saw LP live) ; the second was amazing ! I have the chance to meet Chester before the show... Question for Jen : Do you know why LP didn't came in Switzerland last June ? We're soo sad about it.. We heard/read that Brad feel not fine, but we heard also that there is bas relation between the band ?!? Big big & sweet kisses to all "Superteam" LP ! Isabelle from Switzerland

  3. Isabelle, it was just because of a sick band member. I think they will try and make it up soon. ;)