Linkin Park Announce Concerts in China

Linkin Park has announced upcoming Music for Relief concerts in Shanghai (Oct. 12, 2008), Wuhan (Oct. 15, 2008) and Beijing (Oct. 19, 2008) in which a portion of the proceeds will be contributed to MFR for the earthquake-hit Sichuan area in China. Today the World Bank announced that it will be matching funds raised at the concerts for post-earthquake reconstruction projects initiated by Chinese civil society organizations (CSOs). The concerts are promoted by Emma Ticketmaster China and tickets go on sale today at

“Post-disaster recovery and reconstruction is a long process of 10 or more years. The reconstruction is not only about houses and infrastructure. It is also about families, communities, livelihoods and environment,” said Mr. David Dollar, World Bank Country Director for China. “While the government takes the lead, CSOs also have a role to play. They can, for example, provide psychological counseling, help local people restore production and livelihoods, rehabilitate the environment and culture, and organize disaster prevention information campaigns.”

The types of projects to be funded under this special fund must reflect the theme of reconstruction in any of the following areas: community rehabilitation, restoration of production and livelihoods, environment rehabilitation, psychological counseling, medical assistance and disease control, assistance to the vulnerable groups such as the elderly, orphaned, widowed and disabled, education services, volunteerism, cultural heritage rehabilitation and protection, disaster reduction information dissemination and other related activities.

Music For Relief was established to respond to natural disasters to help victims recover and rebuild,” said singer Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. “We hope our efforts in China will provide assistance to people affected and continue to raise international awareness about the reconstruction-related projects.”

“Ticketmaster is extremely proud to be part of this significant project,” said Jonathan Krane, CEO and President of Ticketmaster China. “We will work closely with the artists and China Development Marketplace to ensure the Music For Relief China concerts are a great success and significant contributions are made to the CSO projects.”

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  1. I'm very happy that LP is part of this earthquake relief effort in China. Way to go guys!