MTV Asia awards

5:39 PM Jen Brockwell 4 Comments

Linkin Park was named "Favorite International Artist" at the MTV Asia awards this past weekend!


  1. Hello Chester,
    It could not be different!!!
    Linkin Park will be ETERNALLY THE BEST!!!
    You deserve every second of success
    that they happen for each one... You are wonderful...
    Receive a great affectionate hug of Brazil.
    God blesses them always.
    Karine Mota

  2. Wow, so I was number one voter all this time XD

    Love you even more xxx

  3. hey chester... i really hope you guys will come again to Malaysia and maybe have a projekt rev in Asia someday. The Malaysian fans are waiting!

  4. Congrats!!! You guys will always be the best. I really enjoyed your showed in Hartford. Can't wait for the next time you're in CT. Take care. -Julian