Ve'cel article by AZ Central

An article about Ve'cel and their 1st anniversary is at AZ Central:
In a day and age where the record industry is plagued by poor record sales, free downloads and shaky concert attendance, it's become essential for artists to find additional outlets for their creativity. Chester Bennington. lead singer of multi-platinum-selling rock band Linkin Park, teamed with his Club Tattoo business partner and former band mate Sean Dowdell and launched Ve'cel clothing last year.

The high-end line has emerged as a power house in upscale retail outlets like Nordstrom's in a fairly short amount of time. But when the first designs hit the racks last year, even Bennington wasn't sure how consumers would react. "We knew we doing some edgier stuff that was really more illustration driven," explained Bennington explained, at the Ve'cel 1 year anniversary party at Tryst Night Club in Las Vegas.

Those edgier designs and complex washes are the brainchild of V'ecel designer/president Josh Merrell. "We really try to convey everything that Chester stands for in our clothing" said Merrell. He communicates with Dowdell and Bennington about every other week to come up with new designs and marketing strategies to keep things exciting. "In the future we hope that V'ecel continues to grow organically like it has so far."