Remix2Win contest winner

The many functions of a RebelCard include buying food, printing papers and on Oct 6, watching Linkin Park in concert for free.

That's right, Linkin Park will be throwing a free concert for UNLV students only thanks to UNLV student Valerie Cossio who won an online contest.

The "Remix2Win" contest, held by Verizon Wireless and Grammy award winning band Lincoln Park, challenged fans to remix the band's hits and share them with their friends on Facebook. The 20 universities with the most remixes became finalists and Linkin Park picked the best mix based on quality.

Cossio came across the contest while going through the band's Web site.

"There was a link from their site to the LPConcerts site and they had a description of the contest," Cossio said.

A music mixer is given on the Web site and contestants are able to mix vocals, bass and chords of two Linkin Park songs to make the best remix possible.

Cossio's winning entry consisted of Linkin Park songs "Crawling" and "In the End."

"When I first found out I won, it had only been listened to 10 times. Now, the count is well over 1,000 plays," Cossio said.

Cossio's winning mix will be played at the show.

She was unable to control her excitement after finding out the news that she had won.

"I wanted to run around campus and scream, but I didn't want any weird looks so I just called my best friend and we started freaking out," Cossio said.

Along with Linkin Park performing live for her school, Cossio will be given backstage passes to the event and front row seats to accommodate her and her guests.

The biggest prize for Cossio was just to have a chance to see Linkin Park live.

"I didn't care if I won, as long as someone from our school won and we all got to enjoy a show," Cossio said.

Cossio has been a fan of Linkin Park since their break-out-hit, "In the End," came out in 2001.

"What appealed to me the most about Linkin Park's music are their lyrics. No matter what I'm feeling, there is always a Linkin Park song that vocalizes exactly that," Cossio said.

Linkin Park will be performing at The Joint located in The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Oct. 6 for UNLV students only.

Distribution of tickets begins on Saturday at noon at The Joint box office. To retrieve tickets, students must have a valid RebelCard present and may only receive up to two tickets per person.

"It is first come first serve, so I suggest everyone get there before noon that day," Cossio said.

Non-UNLV students are not able to attend as a RebelCard is required to enter the event as well.

The Joint seats approximately 2,000 people with standing room only, so up to 2,000 tickets can be expected to be distributed.

Doors are expected to open at 5:30 p.m. and Linkin Park will begin their performance at approximately 7:00 p.m. There will also be a DJ on hand to provide additional entertainment prior to the performance.

Words cannot express the excitement and eagerness that Cossio feels about the actuality that Linkin Park will be performing live for the UNLV student body.

"To this day I still don't believe it," Cossio said. "It's all so surreal. I think even after it happens, I still won't believe it."

For more information on the band or the contest, visit Linkin Park's Web site at or

-Rebel Yell