Chat with Chester a Huge Success!

The Chester chat was amazing (possibly record breaking for LPU)! There were over 600 LPU members during the chat that lasted almost two full hours with Chester answering YOUR questions. Look out for the full transcript coming soon to the messageboard! Until then, take the poll and let us know where you first heard about the Chester chat! To take the poll, go to the messageboards, click "Underground Events," then click "LPU Chat with Chester - 1/23/09." After you take the poll, leave a comment or two on what you thought of the chat!


  1. I wanted to thank Chester for staying to chat with us for 2 hours. Looking forward to seeing you with street drum corps on tour again. You were quite patient with us. This was something I had been waiting to do foe some time. Thanks for making my day...mike

  2. i want to see u in egypt plz try to came to egypt as soon as u can beacuse we all love u and the band to