Support victims of wildfires in Australia

On February 7th Australia’s deadliest bushfires swept through the southern state of Victoria fueled by strong winds and heatwave temperatures. The disaster has resulted in huge loss of life and property. 181 people have died and that figure may rise to 200 or 300 as more bodies are uncovered and as 21 fires continue to burn. Music for Relief is responding to the tragic fires in Australia by raising funds at Click here to donate now.

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  1. Thats a freaken awsum thing to do coz tons of people are now homeless and are in desperate need of help. My family and i were so lucky to miss two of the bushfires which threatened our house in Melbourne near St Andrews and our farm in Kilmore. It's such a great thing to see people from all over the world banding together to help others in such generous and thoughtful ways :D