Crawl Back In on myspace and itunes!!!

1:00 PM Jen Brockwell 3 Comments

You can listen to "Crawl Back In" on the Dead By Sunrise myspace now and you will be able to buy the single from Itunes and Amazon on Tuesday!


  1. Crawl Back In is a great song, and I'm pretty sure that Dead By Sunrise's album will be awesome, but all your entusiasm with it, well it's normal but, I just hope you don't "forget" Linkin Park...hope that's Linkin Park stays on the top of your priorities...good luck and continue being the best singer ever made! congratulations from Portugal

  2. i love all of ur songs
    ur band is the best for ever
    becauseof you!
    i love ur band
    i love chester
    be the best like now!!!!!!
    lp fan

  3. Chester Bennington is sexy with an amazing voice and no fan can ask for more. I love Linkin Park...and i wish they could top every list ever because they're the absolute best ever...and it's all because of their unique style...smashing lyrics and Chester's unbelievable vocals. I haven't heard Crawl Back In yet...but i already love it!