Crawl Back In video is online!

11:15 PM Jen Brockwell 3 Comments

You can now view the music video for "Crawl Back In" at the Dead By Sunrise myspace! If you live in UK/Ireland or Spain you can watch the videos at the following websites:

UK/Ireland -

Spain - and


  1. Hey i really like your new video+song. i really do. its awesome.whenever you have time, if you dont mind, check out my song at it's called War In Iraq.

  2. F Dead by Sunrise. I'm a stubborn LP fan who just can't let go. Wah. :(

  3. Great song! I've been listening to Linkin Park obsessively since Hybrid Theory came out in 2000, and because of that I had very high expectations for Dead By Sunrise - I was not let down a bit. Although I still prefer Linkin Park (because I'm stubborn and set in my ways like that), Dead By Sunrise is definitely an amazing band; I can tell already with just the few songs I've heard. Keep up the great work, Chester! :D