"My Suffering" streaming on Myspace!

2:51 PM Jen Brockwell 5 Comments

Check out another Dead By Sunrise song called "My Suffering" on the bands Myspace page!

If you live in the US, you can pre-order the CD HERE or you can pre-order the Mp3's on iTunes HERE. If you pre-order the album on iTunes, not only will you get "Morning After" and a live version of "Crawl Back In" as bonus tracks, you'll also be able to download "Fire" instantly.

UK residents can pre-order the CD HERE or MP3's through iTunes HERE.

Fans will be able to stream the album in its entirety on MySpace via an exclusive “Listening Party” one week before its release on October 13th!


  1. Thanks chester u rock man. i already have yur album preordered on itunes and imma buy the hard copy cd. :) best of luck man yur cd/band is gonna kick ass

  2. i looooooove My Suffering
    tnx chester

  3. The link is no longer working ._.
    Still, thanks for uploading it!!
    Good luck CB :D

  4. The song is on their myspace now and I have edited the post. Glad you all like the song!! :)


  5. Awesome song!
    Good Job