Chester in the March/April issue of REVOLVER

5:04 PM Jen Brockwell 2 Comments

Chester will be one of the artists featured in the March/April REVOLVER tattoo issue!

“I’ve seen more middle-aged women go, ‘I’m getting a tattoo! Yay!’ It’s really cool to see the lady who probably 20 years ago would have turned her nose up at somebody.”

--Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Dead by Sunrise


  1. Deception and Control keeps good people apart. I wasnt myself at the concert, and on my way home. Talk about control.

  2. I didnt feel myself at the concert nor on my way back. Talked to Keith and afterwards I reacted differently to people who came up to me. Influences to keep me off the straight towards sucess.

    thanx to the girl chester picked at the concert and the 2 boys that smiled about it.