Linkin Park Returning To Brazil In October

12:54 AM Jen Brockwell 2 Comments

Linkin Park have announced that they will be playing in South America for the first time in 6 years on October 11th at SWU Music and Arts Festival in São Paulo, Brazil. Ticket info coming soon. Click HERE for more information on the the festival.


  1. Hai, i am a die hard fans of LP but never get a chance to watch LP concert..
    Can LP pls come to Malaysia for tour or concert?
    Its has been around 8 years since last visit(when i was only 15)


  2. LP staff, my name is ivan I'm in Conceição do Almeida, a quiet town of Bahia. I am writing to tell you two take long to get back to Brazil, and now it will come back will do just one show and also in Sao Paulo and other cities such as Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis and Brasilia.
    I know many people who love LP here in town and would love to come see the show in Sao Paulo is far more financial and spending is large, so it should have a show in Salvador. When you do a show in Brazil is equal to 50 Cent and Beyonce among others who made the show in finder. Beyonce's show and 50 for example packed!
    Please think about it in Brazil loves you!
    And I'll have LP as my favorite band until death and if I power up the other side of life!