Linkin Park Tour Dates!

11:46 PM Jen Brockwell 3 Comments

October 20 - Berlin, Germany - O2 World

October 22 - Stuttgart, Germany - Schleyer-halle

October 27 - Koln, Germany - Lanxess Arena

October 29 - Hamburg, Germany - O2 World

November 2 - Frankfurt, Germany - Festhalle


  1. well,in my opinion,i think people should go to watch the concerts and also for a tour.i will always say that LINKIN PARK'S THE BEST IN THE WORLD..............

  2. Noooooooooo. NO India. If u dont come to India we will stop listening to you

  3. GOOD LUCK!!!! I'm always a Linkin Park fan! Wherever you go! I am always listening to you music! I've never been to a concert, but that doesn't matter to me..... (I wanna see the band in real..but..)
    If you are happy, I am happy!!!!
    Keep on rockin'!