Linkin Park, Featuring YOU - Fansite Edition

9:24 PM Jen Brockwell 0 Comments

Linkin Park wants to put you on their new album with their "Linkin Park, Featuring YOU" contest. Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible. So they have once again teamed up with LP Underground, LPTimes, LP Association and LP Live for another big giveaway!

The rules are simple: the ONLY people who can enter this contest are the fans who are ineligible for the official contest (you're not 18, your country isn't eligible, etc.). You can only enter on ONE of the fansites hosting this contest. At the end of voting on July 21, one winner from each site will get a Linkin Park prize pack and will be going up against the other winners in a final voting, the winner of which will receive a Linkin Park Reanimation plaque!

So head over to one of the fansites linked above and enter!