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Linkin Park's appearance at Griffith Observatory for their performance of "The Catalyst" was voted Best Surprise At The 2010 VMAs in a MTV fan poll. Read more!

MTV also reviewed the New York show at the Best Buy theater:
Linkin Park played their first show in nearly two years (or, as Chester Bennington put it, "two f---ing years") at the Best Buy Theater in New York. And though the tickets for the show prominently displayed the new album's name, there was little of its calculated, claustrophobic conceptualism on display. Rather, this was a balls-out rock show, with some rapping and electronic frippery thrown in for additional impact. Or, in other words, it was just like a Linkin Park show of old.
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And, MTV have a new interview with Mike and Chester. Check out the video on their website!
"When it came to doing things that felt very much like older Linkin Park, like mixing hip-hop with a rock chorus, [we] felt like, if we were going to do it, we need to really do it in a way that felt natural and felt original and felt like it was something we hadn't done in the past," LP's Chester Bennington told MTV News at Saturday's rehearsal for their VMA performance. "And I think the fact that we got into making really trippy-sounding music in the beginning of the record lent itself really well to the hip-hop style of the album, gave it a really, almost tribal-yet-psychedelic vibe to the beats and the textures of the music."