MTV: Linkin Park Tease 'Unique' Performance On 'Saturday Night Live'

9:34 PM Jen Brockwell 1 Comments

"The first time we did it, I was really nervous and really skeptical. I love the show, it's very funny, but we have no control over the sound, you have people that may or may not know who the band is, they may or may not like the band, so you're coming in, working with a crew you've never worked with before," Chester Bennington said. "And, on a TV show, it's got to be really, really great [in the studio] in order to come across pretty good on TV, and that freaks me out. So I was really nervous the first time ... wanting to find a way to work with everybody and not piss people off."

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  1. Just thought you should know that I was thinking about your seriously serious expression. ^_^