Download our "Rolling in the Deep" Performance

12:16 PM Jen Brockwell 3 Comments

As many of you have seen online, we performed a cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" at our show at the Roundhouse in London for the iTunes Festival earlier this week. We've seen so many great comments from you all that we decided to release the track today in the UK and Ireland. Click here to download it on iTunes.

We hope you enjoy.



  1. awesome cover, made me cry :')
    thank you so very much Chester & Mike <3

  2. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Ches, you're very good singing! We like everything related to Linkin Park! You are the best! We wish you all the best from the community site

  3. Tonia Wu8:38 AM

    Dear Chester, do you remember this?

    Last week in TAIPEI concert we lift this up,
    We saw you smile and show OK,
    That's so exciting to us,
    But you're not sing the song finally,
    We were feel so disappointed.

    But we still love you and will support LINKIN PARK forever.
    Please don't forget Taiwan fans,
    and hope you can come back to Taiwan soon.