Linkin Park Ready To 'Burn' With New Single, Album

6:15 PM Jen Brockwell 0 Comments

Chester spoke exclusively with MTVNews while on the set of the "Burn It Down" music video. He talked about choosing "Burn It Down" as the first single and about which direction the upcoming album will be. Read the article and watch part of the interview HERE.

"All of our songs take these really big creative turns and twists throughout the process, so sometimes songs will start out as a melody or some musical chord progressions. ... Other times, they'll start out as beats, and the next thing you know they kind of evolve over the course of the making of the album," he said. "But what's interesting about this track is the really high energy and the really strong electronic melodies and hooks kind of set this song apart, which is why we chose it as our first single.