Join the Linkin Park Street Team!

8:15 PM Jen Brockwell 1 Comments

In preparation for the new album, the Linkin Park Street Team is accepting applications:

We're excited to officially relaunch the Linkin Park Street Team for the upcoming LIVING THINGS album cycle! Click here to submit your application to join the team and help spread the word on all things Linkin Park. Existing LPST members, please submit an application as well so we're sure we have your most up to date information. You'll have the chance to receive merch and other cool prizes. Learn more about the new Linkin Park Street Team here.
-LPST Headquarters

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  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    It's a great idea! Maybe I should join?:) What a shame I haven't finished my studying yet and have two really tiring "noble" jobs - it is quite difficult to find free time somehow:( Plus, now I must think about my coming to Odessa for the sake of your new show!!!:):):) Well, no big deal:)... Oh, anyway: again, I can never be short in my messages - such a bad habit!:D So let me finish traditionally like this: Chester, I love you so much!!!!!