Linkin Park interviews and announcements for Living Things

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  • Chester called in and did an on-air interview with Zane Lowe at BBC Radio 1. Listen here.
  • Mike called in to Kerrang Radio and spoke with Matt Stocks.
  • Mike also did an interview with KROQ’s Kevin & Bean and you can listen that here.

And check out the announcements for SONiC BOOM 2012 and X-FEST 2012:

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  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    I'm listening to "Burn It Down" again and again:) No matter what others say I guess they just don't understand this or simply disrespect you, what a shame:( Each of your songs made me happy though they all are really different, very much!.. Now I feel easy and finally smile:):):) So let your life come fulfilled with flowers, like my dreams! Love you truly and wish you to be as glad as it's possible - that is every-only one-thing I want from the Universe!:) You're the best of the best of the best!!!