LPTV - Buried At Sea (Part 1)

10:26 AM Jen Brockwell 1 Comments

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  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Mamma mia, I didn't imagine how difficult your job was!.. If the performers in my country could work the same way, the life here would be much better - we have too many douches on the stage:( Their profession was not received by talent but simply bought for money, what a shame... That's why I don't value that trash but adore you, the magnificent!!! There are very many buttons in your studio - it's good that I'm not there!:) You all are really awesome, guys!:-) Chester, you're so clever, funny and handsome!!!:) Though, honestly speaking, a pessimist in your songs... You are so hardworking and your incredible voice charms me:) But what's up to your fingers now, my love? Hope, it's OK. Sorry, I just have a right to care of you anyway... C U!