Limited Edition Tour Posters

6:51 PM Jen Brockwell 0 Comments

Linkin Park started their Honda Civic tour last night in Bristow, Virginia and along with the new set-list you will also find a limited-edition tour poster designed just for your city at each show.  The one above, for last night, was done by REYES.  Every show will feature a different design by a different artist.  All in limited quantities, none will be reproduced after this run.

In addition to REYES, posters on this tour will be designed by: Anthony Lister, Estevan Oriol, Greg “Craola” Simkins, STASH, James Roper, SEVER, Jonny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez, Todd Bradrud, George Thompson, Jamie Oliver, Joshua Petker, PUSH, Randy Ortiz, and others.