Linkin Park New Zealand interview

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3 News have posted a 9 minute video interview with Chester, Phoenix and Mike. You can check it out right here!

Linkin Park, formed in 2000, have sold over 50 million records and won two Grammies - and they're some of the nicest humans in rock.
From the day they started 13 years ago, they've made it their mission to meet their fans.
“Most of our day consisted of signing things before the show and then signing things after the show and outside the building,” says singer Chester Bennington.
Before last night’s gig they spent two hours with 200 fans.
“In New Zealand more than anywhere else we've come to we find our fans are awesome,” says bassist Dave Farrell.
From videos to album artwork, Linkin Park make sure nothing falls flat, and they continue to push themselves in other directions; Mike Shinado did the soundtrack for last year's action film The Raid.
“I looked at it like an experiment,” he says. “I had done a little scoring but just a cue here or there or two things that never came out, and then a couple of scenes in Transformers 2, so the smallest possible thing to the biggest possible thing.”