DC101 Interview With DeLeo Brothers

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Earlier this week, DC101's Roche interviewed STONE TEMPLE PILOTS members Dean DeLeo (guitar) and Robert DeLeo (bass). You can now listen to the chat below.

The new version of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS featuring LINKIN PARK's Chester Bennington on lead vocals have announced that they will release an EP this fall, in conjunction with a North American tour that kicks off on September 4 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and winds down on September 27 in Las Vegas. The opening act on almost all the dates will be FILTER. This will be the first major run of live dates, as well as the first official recording, since STP fired founding vocalist Scott Weiland earlier this year and recruited Bennington to take over.
Asked about what STONE TEMPLE PILOTS' goal was with the upcoming tour, Dean told DC101: "There's been songs that we've been unable to play on a lot of tours, so I think that's what's really exciting to us — being able to play some tunes that Chester has the ability to bring to life. [We were unable to play these tracks] just because of, maybe, the key they were written in. [Songs like] 'Piece Of Pie'; 'Take A Load Off' off the last record; off 'Tiny Music…', the first track, 'Pop's Love Suicide'. We started at all these things that we can actually perform now [without changing the key, lowering the key of our instruments], and we're really excited about that."
STP will release the new EP through their own label. It will contain five songs, including the previously released "Out Of Time". Bassist Robert DeLeo told The Pulse Of Radio how the EP came together. "When we tracked the song 'Out Of Time', we also tracked a song of Dean's, which we didn't have enough time to complete," he said. "But right now, we started recording last week. We actually have three new songs as well as the one we did not finish, and 'Out Of Time', so it will be a total of five songs that we will be releasing as an EP come October."
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