Dean DeLeo on Chester Bennington and band's new EP

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Dean DeLeo did an interview with MusicRadar about Chester joining STP and about future plans. You can read it here!
Chester's vocals are sweeter and more delicate than Scott's. I think he has more range for your material. What's your assessment?

"Well, you're comparing two different vocalists; you're comparing a baritone to a tenor. But yeah, you're right. You're absolutely right, man. There is a huge range that Chester has that we can tap into. It's nice. There's a lot of songs, especially early on in the catalogue…You know, our catalogue became very limited because of where Scott's range went. It's no fault of Scott's, by any means, but a singer really has the hardest job. They're exerting the most physical force out of anyone on that stage; they're using every bit of their bodies to project vocally, melodically, harmonically – it's a workout, man.

"I don't know many singers who can sing without changing the key to something they wrote 20, 25, 30 years earlier. There comes a point where you start detuning the songs, and you can't go down any further. Being a guitar player, you'd be playing rubber bands. Chester's voice lends itself really nicely for the earlier stuff that we were unable to play for a long time."