Metal Insider Interviews Joe Hahn about "Mall"

7:05 PM Jen Brockwell 0 Comments

How long did it take you to find a first movie to direct? You’ve been directing videos for years.

Probably 15 years.

So it’s something you knew you wanted to do even when Linkin Park began?

For sure, I think directing and music are parallel things, where I can do both. They’re both creative expressions for communicating with an audience. Music plays a big part of film, so I try to incorporate the things I learned along the way with music videos.

You started out directing music videos. Was there a time where you thought you could direct a feature film or did you have to make videos and learn your craft before tackling something as ambitious as a movie?

I got comfortable with directing videos pretty quickly. I feel it’s a pretty natural process for me, and I think a feature is an extended process of that for me. On videos we have two days to shoot, and this film took us 18 days to shoot. Read more here!