Chester Interviewed by ARTISTdirect

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Check out ARTISTdirect's interview with Chester about Stone Temple Pilots here.

Going out on the Spring tour, is there a Stone Temple Pilots song that means more to you now that you’ve been performing it? Are there older songs you’ve even discovered for the first time?
There are definitely a lot. For me, every song is fun to play, because it’s all new. You know what I mean? Getting up and doing any of these songs is an incredible and new experience. Being up, seeing them, and having fun is all new for me. I think what’s interesting is watching the other guys. When we’re talking about doing setlists, I’ll be like, “Oh, let’s do ‘Dumb Love!’ Let’s do ‘Coma.’” These guys weren’t even thinking about these songs because they weren’t able to play them live. There are a lot of songs these guys have wanted to play live that they weren’t able to do prior. We’re going to add “Adhesive” to the set on the upcoming tour. I don’t think they’ve ever played that song live, or at least if they have, it was a long time ago. Things like that are really cool. We get to discover things together as a band for the first time. There are definitely things these guys weren’t able to do live in the past, and now we get to do it because it fits in my range more comfortably. I think we’re also adding “Coma” and some others on this round!