Mike Shinoda Talks Fort Minor, Modern Rap, and Linkin Park

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ARTISTdirect posted their interview with Mike and you can read it here.

What's the story behind "Welcome"?
At the time, I was a little frustrated. It's clearly an outsider song, feeling like I didn't belong or whatever. I think back to what was going on. The band was at a point where not a lot was happening, which is relative, because everything is always crazy with the band. We were sort of in-between projects, and I don't know exactly what the time period was. I was reflecting on how I ended up where I'm at. The more I looked at it, the more I felt like, "Being an outsider doesn't necessarily mean that you have to feel bad about it." There's a sense of coming to terms with it on my own in the song. It's funny because it was organic and fluid. It all popped out at once. That's unusual for me. The song was done before I even knew it. I listened to it and went, "Oh my God, this is not a Linkin Park song."